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Principal Goes Around Town With ‘Push Cart’ Library To Teach Kids How To Read

He is bringing education to those who can’t afford it.

  • A young principal decided to bring education to children who are unable to go to school.
  • He created a pushcart library filled with books and enlisted several volunteers to help him bring the library to the uneducated.
  • The principal and his volunteers have been helping kids learn how to read through his mobile library.

There is little doubt that teachers are doing all they can to educate children who come to their schools. But what about the less fortunate who can’t afford an education? One truly inspiring principal is going out of his way to reach out to kids on the streets. He has created a pushcart library in an effort to teach illiterate children how to read.

Ryan Homan is the principal of Gimagaan Elementary School in Donsol, Sorsogon in the Philippines and he is truly making a difference. With the help of some volunteers, Homan goes around their town with a pushcart filled with books. He seeks out children in places like basketball courts and offers them the books from his mobile library.

Interestingly, Homan has discovered that some of the kids he comes across are unable to read, which is one of the reasons why they avoid going to school. Nevertheless, he allows them to choose a book from his library then helps them read the story they have chosen.

Homan and his volunteer student-teachers are certainly making a difference in the town. Most of the children who have gotten interested because of the books from the pushcart library are now attending school with confidence.

It’s an amazing story that should prove that a small gesture like teaching someone how to read can lead to something greater.

Hopefully, Homan’s efforts will continue to inspire students and teachers around the world.

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