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Russian Model With Gorgeous Long Hair Reveals She Was Diagnosed With Alopecia

Anastasiya Sidorova has not always had this beautiful hair.






Any girl who loves to have long locks would easily envy Anastasiya Sidorova, a model for Pantene shampoo who has appeared on magazines in Russia. Her long silky hair is her asset and she could be considered as the real-life Rapunzel. However, Sidorova has not always enjoyed having this beautiful hair. In fact, she even suffered from alopecia when she was 18.

Now 23, Anastasiya is a gorgeous lady with unbelievably long hair and she also possesses the knowledge about hair health. She gives tips to women about hair growth and how to keep hair healthy. She also offers help to anyone who has experienced hair loss.

This hair shampoo model didn't always have this beautiful long hair.

Anastasiya recently revealed she was diagnosed with androgenetic alopecia at 18.

The condition leads to excessive hair fall that could leave someone completely bald.

Anastasiya lost her confidence so she decided to visit a hair loss expert or trichologist.

Fortunately, Anastasiya's long-running hair treatment was successful.

Her hair started to grow and become as silky and beautiful as it is now.

She also developed an interest in cosmetic trichology.

She has since trained to become a hair loss expert, offering valuable tips to anyone who has alopecia. Some of Anastasiya’s tips include never straightening her hair, letting it air dry to about 60 percent before using the hairdryer and using special hair treatments.

Anastasiya is now a hair loss expert herself.

She offers a paid hair treatment program.

She also does consultations on Instagram.

Anastasiya also revealed she uses shampoos that have sulfates and she also applies a keratin mask after wash. Aside from that, she also takes vitamin D and omega-3 supplements every day.

The hair loss expert also shared some of the false claims about hair growth. We have been led to believe that regular haircut can promote faster hair growth, but Anastasiya refuted it. It actually doesn’t since hair originates from follicles. She did agree that regular haircuts can keep your hair healthy, which then makes it appear longer.

The redhead now has more than 238,000 followers on Instagram…

With whom she continues to share her tips to have silky, healthy locks.

What do you think of Anastasiya’s long locks? Check out more of her on Instagram.

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Homeless Man Gets $100,000 But Spent All Of It In Less Than Six Months

Ted Rodrigue continued spending all his money despite being offered advice by a financial expert.




Some people are born rich, while others worked hard just to achieve financial success. But for one homeless man named Ted Rodrigue, money came to him so easily. He didn’t even have to work for anything but he was given $100,000 to get his life back on track.

You’d think that Rodrigue is the luckiest homeless person since he was given that much money to start all over. But what actually happened is that Rodrigue got back on the streets without a permanent home after he spent all of the cash without putting it to good use.

Ted Rodrigue was an ordinary homeless person taking shelter under a bridge in California.

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Man Set To Launch Himself In Homemade Rocket To Prove Earth is Flat

Okay, I seriously want to see this!

Mark Andrew



You know what’s ridiculous about flat Earth believers? Well, they’re not content with simply expressing their opinions but they take great lengths to shove it to others, consistently aiming to prove their so-called point.

As recent reports tell us, one of these flat-Earthers is aiming to take things to the next level. Apparently, he is planning to launch himself in a homemade rocket to prove that the Earth is really flat – not round!

‘Mad’ Mike Hughes, a self-taught rocket scientist, wants to prove scientists wrong.

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Teen Dies From Electrocution After She Slept Charging Her iPhone On Her Bed

Never sleep when you’re charging your phone in bed.

Angela Beltran



Some people are used to charging their phones while using them, or while lying on the bed. An incident in Vietnam may show how dangerous this habit is.

A 14-year-old girl died in her sleep while charging her phone. She was electrocuted when she rolled on the charger cable while sleeping.

Apparently, the cable of her charger had been damaged, and when she rolled over while sleeping, she came in contact with the open live wire.

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