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This Mesmerizing and Haunting Russian Folk Dance Is Freaking People Out – In a Good Way

It’s like they’re floating!

Dance is a remarkable art form. It can showcase creativity, express individuality, tell a story, and just move people. There are countless types of dance being practiced today ranging from traditional to modern. Different spots around the world have dances they are proud to perform, as these routines preserve and highlight their culture.

In Russia, there’s a folk dance that’s been mesmerizing all who get to see it. The music, the movements, and the mysterious technique used by the performers come together to create an unforgettable viewing experience. Even netizens who have only witnessed the dance through video recordings are freaking out – in a good way.

See the incredible Berezka Ensemble do their famous folk dance routine below.

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The Berezka Ensemble is a Russian dance troupe that performs a one-of-a-kind folk dance. The Berezka dance originated in 1948 and has since been captivating audiences the world over.

The dancers use a technique called ‘sliding steps’ or ‘floating steps’ because, as you can see in the video, the dancers appear to float and glide above the floor. It has been described as both mesmerizing and haunting.

The dancers use a technique called ‘sliding steps’ or ‘floating steps’ while performing the dance.


The female dancers are reportedly made to vow secrecy about the exact technique they use for the dance. Some believe that the illusion of floating is created by tiny gliding steps along with the special skirts worn by the performers. The small careful movements, plus the slightly puffy skirt, mask the actual steps made by the dancers.

We certainly don’t mind the mystery behind this folk dance routine. In fact, the secrecy seems to add more character and wonder to the dance. Regardless of how they do it, we’re just glad we have such an art form to admire.


20 Photos Of Stunning 3D Floors That Will Blow Your Mind

Your tiled, wood or laminate floors won’t compare to these breathtaking 3D floors.

Imagine walking into a bathroom to find a dolphin staring at you. Wouldn’t that blow your mind? That’s the idea of 3D epoxy floors that are gaining popularity overseas. These unique designs let people feel the thrill of being in the outdoors while being actually inside a room.

A Dubai company called Imperial Interiors has put a jaw-dropping twist to floor designs. The concept was first used in offices, shopping centers and hotels, according to the company. Mostly, these designs are used in toilets and bathrooms, but Imperial says it would be wrong to think that 3D floors cannot be used in other areas of the room.

With these 3D designs, one might easily stop for a moment and think about stepping inside the room. Here are 20 photos showing how awesome these designs are....

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This ‘Dead Whale’ Sculpture in the Philippines Will Remind Us How Bad Pollution Is

Here’s hoping this art installation will make people realize the dangers of plastic.

Thousands of people in the online community were recently shocked upon seeing the viral image of a large dead whale. But this real-life giant happens to be made with plastic and is an art installation project by Dentsu Jayme Syfu meant to raise awareness about ocean pollution.

The artists of the project, located in Naic, Cavite in the Philippines, got the inspiration from 30 beached whales found in European shores last year. One of the beached whales was also found in Samal, Davao last December.

Yeb Saño, Greenpeace Southeast Asia Executive Director, in a Facebook post, said:...

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Korean Barista’s Stunning Latte Art Will Make You Think Twice About Taking A Sip

Barista level: Asian!

We here at EliteReders are huge fans of art, regardless of the medium. When it’s done well, we couldn’t help but geek out and probably feature it here in our site - from awesome tattoos that cover scars and satirical Indian comics, to stunning sandcastles and masterfully Photoshopped images, and everything else in between.

With that in mind, I guess it would be easy to imagine our delight when he found out about the work of this amazing Korean barista who’s been serving lattes with top notch designs.

Born in 1991, Kang Bin Lee has been working as a barista for 10 years now.


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