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Russia Wants to Build a Five-Star Hotel on the International Space Station by 2022





With the hospitality industry in an intense competition and when it seems that there’s nothing more to improve on the concept of luxury hotels, here comes Russia with a VERY ambitious plan – a five-star hotel ON THE INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION.

Yes, you read that correctly. Russia wants to welcome space tourists on the ISS by 2022 and Russian space agency Roscosmos has already started looking at plans for the structure. They want the ‘luxury orbital suite’ to have four private cabins complete with personal portholes which the tourists can use to look down on Earth while aboard.

The luxury structure will resemble the Science and Power Module.

Now let’s talk about the costs. It’s obvious that not everyone can afford to stay in such a special place. For £30 million ($40 million) per person for a one to two week visit, it’s certainly targeted towards the one-percenter. If they want to extend their stay up to a month, they need to fork over an additional £15 million ($20 million).


The space hotel will also feature a lounge area with giant windows, hygiene and medical stations, exercise equipment, and even Wi-Fi. The lucky guests will be able to look down on Earth from 220 miles above the planet and even take part in space walks!

The proposal has recently been featured on Popular Mechanics.

Imagine having a view just like in this concept art.

The proposed project will cost 16.4 billion and 26.2 billion roubles (£210 million and £336 million) to make. Funding will come from both public and private investments, according to Roscosmos.

To spearhead the venture, RKK Energia, Russia’s main space station contractor, wants to book at least 12 guests who are willing to pay around £3 million ($4 million) up front. They will need at least five years to construct the tourist module.

But the space station is not the only place that the Russians are considering for space travel in the future. The country is also building a £30 million ($40 million) space ship for exploring the moon’s south pole. It plans to collect soil sample to be sent back to Earth for studying. The spacecraft, called Luna-25, will be unmanned. It’s expected to be launched in 2020.

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