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Called The ‘Wheel Of Giants,’ The Rumj El-Hiri Has Left Experts Baffled For Centuries

Although hardly visible from the ground, this mysterious monument’s patterns look truly impressive from the air.


Some ancient structures can really be shrouded with mystery. Case in point, the Rujm el-Hiri may simply be a bunch of stone circles for casual observers but there’s something about it that makes it particularly interesting.

Besides, the large stone monument has patterns that are hardly visible from the ground but are, quite impressively, only visible from the air.


Source: Flickr

The pile of stone rings form what appears to be a design of a wheel!

Located at Golan Heights, the pre-historic ruins were discovered by Israeli archeologists in 1967 after the territory was captured from the Syrians. It was there all along, sitting in plain sight until its discovery.

Rujm el-Hiri’s walls measure six feet in high with only its central mound being higher than the rest.


Source: Flickr

Meanwhile, the stone circle measures 160 meters across. Until now, researchers are left baffled about the structure’s purpose as well as who built them in the first place.

According to estimates, it probably dates back to Early Bronze Age II (3000 to 2700 BC) which means the monument may be around 5,000 years old.


Source: Flickr

It is absolutely one of the region’s biggest and oldest structures.

Watch this video here and take a look:

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The name Rujm el-Hiri, given by Syrians, literally means “stone heap of the wild cat” in the Arabic language. In Hebrew, however, it is named Gilgal Refaim, which means the “wheel of Refaim.” “Refaim” refers to an ancient race of giants as mentioned in the Holy Bible.

It is, therefore, not surprising that some theorists are saying that the huge monument may have been built by giants – or by extra terrestrial beings, maybe?

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