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Luxurious Lip Art Made With 126 Diamonds Achieves Guinness World Record

The diamonds are worth $758,000 Australian dollars!


You’ve probably seen one of those crazy lip arts on social media but allow us to assure you this: you haven’t seen anything like this one yet. As a matter of fact, this particular lip art has been officially recognized by the Guinness World Records as the Most Valuable Lip Art.

Priced at $757,975 Australian dollars, the lip art created by Rosendorff Diamonds was officially awarded the world record during an event held in Perth, Australia last September 2018.

Needless to say, the specialist diamond jeweller, founded by Craig Rosendorff in 1963, is proud of their unique accomplishment.

As Rosendorff model Charlie Octavia put it:

“At Rosendorff Diamonds, we pride ourselves on excellence, and what could be more excellent than holding a Guinness World Records title.”

Meanwhile, it took makeup artist Clare Mac, who conceptualized and executed the lip art, around two and a half hours to complete the task of placing all the diamond pieces on Charlie’s lips.

It all began by applying black matt lipstick and then came the job of attaching all 126 diamonds using false eyelash adhesive.

In an Instagram post, Clare shared:

“Since we are so close to the end of the year I thought I would start sharing some of my 2018 highlights and working with over $750,000 worth of real diamonds from @rosendorffdiamonds and setting the World Record for Most Valuable Lip Art is not only a years highlight but a career one!

A police officer was present at the venue to protect the expensive diamonds. After the event, Charlie was brought to the jeweler’s vault and Mr Craig Rosendorff himself removed each piece.

While setting a Guinness world record was definitely not an easy feat, it was absolutely worth it, Charlie said.

She said:

“Endless hours of researching, designing, planning, trialling and liaising to ensure we qualified for the record was quite challenging, but that’s what makes having a Guinness World Record such a prestigious achievement.

“We are so incredibly honored to be a record holder. Thank you Guinness World Records for this incredible opportunity!”


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