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Romanian Singer Beats His Pregnant Girlfriend on Live Television. How Awful!

It’s like an episode of Jerry Springer Show – Romanian edition.

It’s never good to air out your dirty laundry on national TV, especially if it involves family issues. Case in point: this Romanian “King of Gypsy Music” beating his pregnant girlfriend on live TV.

Nicolae Guta is famous in his home country, Romania, for his “gypsy music”. However, despite his fame, he couldn’t keep his temper at bay when he was told a rather surprising revelation on a show’s live broadcast.

The Romanian show guested Nicolae with his pregnant girlfriend named “Iulia”, a pole dancer. Nicolae’s stepson, Nicu, was also present during the live broadcast. During a certain segment, Nicu admitted that he slept with his stepfather’s girlfriend, leading to a heated argument between the three. And it didn’t end there; due to sheer outrage, the argument resulted in a physical altercation, with Nicolae hitting his girlfriend. On live national television.

Watch the horrific scene in the video below:

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This kind of issue shouldn’t have been broadcasted on national TV.



Huge Bully Gets Knocked Down with One Blow in this Real Life ‘David Vs Goliath’ Fight

This proves that size does not matter.


We usually associate the epic battle of David and Goliath with fights that involve an underdog and a powerful opponent.

Everybody wants to witness a great fight and most of us opt to cheer for the “little guy”; the weaker one who we hope is smarter and stronger than how he looks.

This reminds me of Brad Pitt’s movie entitled Snatch. In the film, Mickey (Brad Pitt) is a gypsy man who loves to box. He is a very lean man who's always up against a taller and bigger opponent. But, Mickey is strong despite his size, and he could always knock his rival down with just one, swift blow. The fight is truly thrilling and entertaining to watch. ...

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New Species of Hairy “Yeti” Crab Found in the Depths of the Antarctic

The hairy yeti crab is only the third of its species to be discovered, and the first to be found living in the frigid waters of the Antarctic.


Mother Nature simply has a treasure trove of surprises.

We've seen and heard lots of stories about bizarre-looking animals, but the more we search, the more we discover. This time, it's from the depths of the Antarctic.

The hairy yeti crab is only the third of its species to be discovered, and the first to be found living in the frigid waters of the Antarctic. Given the scientific name of Kiwa tyleri in honor of University of Southampton Professor Emeritus Paul Tyler, the hairy crab is white and measures from 0.5 to 15 centimeters. These crabs are particularly interesting, given that they can only live in a small space amidst a danger zone....

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Shocking But True: Selfies Have Killed More People This Year Than Shark Attacks

Believe it or not, more people have died from taking selfies than from shark attacks this year.

At one point or another, we’ve all been guilty of whipping out a smartphone to take a quick selfie in an attempt to capture a moment.

Although done in harmless fun, selfies can actually be lethal if you are not careful. In fact a recent report has revealed that more people have died this year by taking selfies compared with shark attacks.

According to the statistics, there have already been 12 selfie deaths for the year - a number that is staggeringly higher compared with the 8 shark attack deaths we've had so far. Most of the time, falling is the main reason behind selfie deaths while others are hit by a moving vehicle or are harmed by wild animals. ...

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