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This Talented Guy Impersonates Nearly Every Robin Williams Character to Perfection!

Robin Williams is that you?


Many of Robin William’s fans will tell you “He’s simply waiting for someone to roll a 5 or 8; he’s not dead!”, in allusion to the late comedian’s Jumanji character, simply because it is difficult to accept that such a great man is no longer among the living.

But what if we tell there’s a man who looks, speaks, and acts like Robin Williams himself?

Meet Jamie Costa, an actor, model, and filmmaker who creates the most incredible impressions of Robin that it would seem like the late actor had been reborn in his person!

Spot the difference… Jamie Costa has done incredible impersonations of Robin Williams!


Photo credit: NBC News

In an amazing tribute he entitled “Never Had A Friend Like Him”, Jamie impersonates Robin in 20 different characters from the movies. These include the comical “Mrs. Doubtfire”, “The Birdcage”, “Good Morning, Vietnam”, and “The Fisher King”.

With the right props and costumes, Jamie mimicked Robin so perfectly! In fact, after the video went viral across various social media, people debated whether Jamie was using his own voice or merely used audio clips from Robin’s movies.

Watch this video:

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Tell us what you think – is Jamie simply lip synching to Robin’s audio clips?

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Spring Break is Awesome and Everyone is Having Fun, Except These People.

Something to crack you up: drunk people and their epic water fails!

Spring break is the time to hang out with friends, bask in the sun, and enjoy a nice dip in the water. But, of course, it is also inevitable to get drunk and crazed all over the place. The thing is, being doused with alcohol and staying near the water is one lethal combination. At least, that's what this video compilation tells us.

The video below is a series of 'epic fail' moments in the water. We are not really sure if it's the alcohol or plain bad luck that made these people look totally crazy. But one thing is certain - they are all embarrassing!

Watch the video here!

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Michelle Obama’s “The Evolution of Mom Dancing” is Hilariously Entertaining!

Mrs. Michelle Obama definitely got some killer moves in “The Evolution of Mom Dancing” .


The First Lady definitely got the moves and she proved it during an appearance at the The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon.

Mrs. Michelle Obama teamed up with Jimmy Fallon  and came up with a hilarious skit of "The Evolution Of Mom Dancing” in honor of the fifth anniversary of “Let’s Move”.

From “Shush and Tush” to “Getting a Bag from your Collection of Plastic Bags Under the Sink”, the dynamic duo dressed in matching cardigans wowed the audience with their killer moves.

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A Dog Wedding With John Legend. Another Reason To Love Him. Too CUTE!

Lovely ‘dog wedding’ with John Legend.

What's not to love about John Legend? I have been listening to his songs since he first made it big in the music industry. "Ordinary People" and "Everybody Knows" are two of my favorites. Plus who can forget the LSS-inducing "All Of Me?" I'm sure many of you are familiar with him so let me give you another reason to love the guy.

Recently, the singer attended a dog wedding. What was his role in it? He stood as the father of the bride and eventually, he serenaded the adorable couple as well.

It's really too cute! There is, however, more to it than that though.

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