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Cool Tech Transforms Any Wheelchair Into A Power Scooter





It’s always amazing whenever we see technology being put to good use – and this one is definitely a good example of that. With this innovative gadget, any ordinary wheelchair can be turned into a scooter, allowing disabled individuals to move around with greater mobility and increased convenience.

Rio Mobility’s Firefly, a freestanding electric handcycle that attaches to a wheelchair, is a useful, practical tool that can prevent shoulder pain for people who use wheelchairs. That’s on top of helping them travel faster and easier, of course!

The Firefly clips to any type of wheelchair – in seconds.

Source: Rio Mobility

Once the device is attached, the two small front wheels are lifted off the ground and the manual wheelchair is turned into a power scooter with a top speed of 19 km/h (12 mph). It also comes with a speed limiter.

Definitely a big difference compared to moving the wheelchair manually.

Source: Rio Mobility

As far as the features are concerned, the attachable full powered handcycle has an automatic set of controls and is equipped “with a twist grip throttle and two brake levers,” according to a New Atlas feature, along with “a speedo and odometer, a reverse gear and a park brake, and enough adjustment to make ergonomic sense in most cases.”

It’s even lightweight and trouble-free to use.

Source: Rio Mobility

The Firefly weighs around 24 lbs and is powered by a lithium ion battery that only takes at least 4 hours to be fully charged. The frame “comes apart without tools,” the official website tells us, making it really easy to store and transport.

Firefly has a “powerful and quiet” hub motor that “climbs the hills for you,” according to the website.

Source: Rio Mobility

The easy-to-control tech promises to remove shoulder strains so it should really be fun to have for wheelchair users.

Watch the video below to see Firefly in action:

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For more information about the price and specs, you can go check out the Rio Mobility website.

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