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Hero Dog Shot Multiple Times After Protecting Teen Owner From Robbers





A two-year-old German shepherd just proved that dogs are indeed man’s best friends. Named Rex, it helped fight armed intruders who invaded Javier Mercado’s house one afternoon in Des Moines, USA. Javier reportedly heard a noise and as he gazed upon a window, he saw a vehicle he did not recognize.

Suddenly, he heard his sliding door break. The glasses shattered so loudly that Rex quickly ran downstairs. It started “barking and barking.” Eventually, a guy screamed, “the dog bit me, get the dog.” Javier rushed to the phone and dialed 911.

Meet Rex, the German shepherd that helped stop a burglary.

Describing the dog’s heroic act, Javier details:

Rex stormed back to the upstairs floor all beat up and bloody.

The intruders, without any hesitation, followed Rex upstairs where they trashed the bedroom. Javier, on the other hand, was hiding in the closet. When the burglars decided to enter the room, Rex threw itself – despite the little strength it has – at them. It knew that the 16-year-old was in danger.

Javier’s home was invaded by a group of burglars.

Fortunately, Rex was there to help stop the heist.

Unfortunately, Rex got shot four times which forced it to give up the battle against the intruders. By the time authorities arrived, the burglars were already gone. Javier, who spent almost an hour in the closet, came out and received a call telling him that Rex, albeit its wounds, is still alive.

Although the dog escaped a near-death experience, Javier was worried that his family would not have the money to fund Rex’s medical bills. This forced them to open a GoFundMe account for Rex, who is now dubbed The Hero Dog.

When the sliding door got broken, Rex started barking and bit one of the intruders.

Thanks to Rex’s stunt, Javier got the time to dial 911 and ask for help.

Sadly, Rex was shot a number of times.

It went straight upstairs after being beat up and bloody.

When the intruders tried to reach for the closet where Javier was hiding, Rex threw itself to them.

Everyone thought that Rex would die.

Fortunately, he is stable and recovering.

For Javier, Rex gave him another shot at life. That if not for his dog’s courage, he would have been lying six feet below the ground. Currently, the family is trying to raise money to support Rex’s medical bills.

If you would like to offer some help, you can do so by through this GoFundMe account. And your heart has been touched by Rex’s story, be sure to share this with your friends and family.

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