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They Uncovered Something in the Backyard. So They Restored it to THIS!





Families usually spend their bonding moments in the backyard – having barbecue parties, basking in the sun, or just simply hanging out. But unfortunately for this family, they have to pass on these events because their backyard was relentlessly destroyed by a tornado.

But after 12 years, the family decided to wrap up the mess and restore their backyard into its original glory. It looked impossible to get the job done, with all the dirt and the thick bush covering the ground, but this family was able to do it!

Look at the amazing photos before and after the clean-up:

Who would have thought that a patio used to be here?


Photo credit: login777/Imgur
This dirty space indeed require a thorough cleaning job!


Photo credit: login777/Imgur
After a successful clean-up, they dug a hole in the middle of the backyard…


Photo credit: login777/Imgur
The hole was for a new fire pit; they created a mold for the concrete foundation.


Photo credit: login777/Imgur
They placed an inner and outer ring made of hard board to serve as a guide.


Photo credit: login777/Imgur
They then filled the space between the rings with concrete…


Photo credit: login777/Imgur
After the concrete dried, they placed bricks and mortar atop.


Photo credit: login777/Imgur
They further secured the surroundings of the pit with more bricks!


Photo credit: login777/Imgur
Lastly, they amped up the height of the fire pit by putting more bricks on top!


Photo credit: login777/Imgur
Finally, the finished product… errr fire pit!


Photo credit: login777/Imgur
It was such a wonderful transformation!


Photo credit: login777/Imgur
Now, the family can have all the backyard fun they want with their renewed patio and beautiful fire pit!


Photo credit: login777/Imgur

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Credits: login777/Imgur

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