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Investigation reveals Resorts World Manila assailant also had a gunshot wound to the head


Manila, Philippines – Hours after the traumatizing attack on posh Resorts World Hotel in Manila, facts surrounding the gunman’s death are becoming clear. According to an official investigation, the gunman who ran amok inside the hotel and casino complex set fire to the hotel room he holed up in and then proceeded to shoot himself in the head.

In an interview with local news and current affairs outfit ABS-CBN News, Southern Police District Director, Chief Superintendent Tomas Apolinario Jr. stated that the charred body of the suspect also sustained a gunshot wound to the head. The bullet entered through the chin and then exited through the top of the head. Officials believe the suspect set fire to the room, laid on the floor, then proceeded to shoot himself.

A local news correspondent posted a photo of the suspect’s charred remains

It was only a few minutes past midnight when news broke out that a gunman was running amok inside Resorts World Manila in the Philippines. The suspect, who government officials claimed was “emotionally disturbed”, opened fire, launched an arson attack from within the resort and casino complex, and then looted the casino’s chip storage. After causing chaos inside the casino, he then proceeded to hole up in one hotel room and committed suicide. His actions resulted in the death of 37 people and injury to many others. Reports state the casualties were due to suffocation and not gunshot injuries.

The attack was earlier attributed to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) but was refuted by Apolinario, citing robbery as the suspect’s motive. The gunman’s backpack containing the casino’s chips amounting to 113 million pesos was recovered by the police, along with two firearms used in the attack.


ISIS Teen Fighters in the Philippines Shoot People Dead For Not Knowing Koran Verses

ISIS teen fighters are among those wreaking havoc in the city of Marawi in the province of Lanao del Sur, Philippines.

The Philippine government has long been plagued by terrorist groups operating in some locations in Mindanao, which is one of the country's three main islands. Over the years, residents have gotten used to the periodic skirmishes between the military and terrorists who are known for their kidnapping schemes. Most of the time, foreigners are abducted and ransom is demanded. Some of these local terrorists have sought validation from the extremist group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria or ISIS, which is also known as Daesh or the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant or ISIL.

The name ISIS was once in the headlines. This time around, the expressions of support for the group seem to be the most intense in one area in Mindanao. Indeed, that area is now experiencing hostilities right smack in the middle of the city.

The Philippine military vs. a terrorist group.

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Stray Dogs Devour Corpses As Philippine Military Clash With Maute Militants In Marawi

“There were many dead civilians, and the dogs were eating them. I saw it myself,” one witness declared.

Maute, a group of ISIS-inspired militants, has recently been causing chaos in the southern part of the Philippines, particularly in the city of Marawi. According to reports, they’ve terrorized and burned establishments, taken hostages, killed civilians, and even brandished a black ISIS flag in the area.

The military has since been going after them while rescuing residents and conducting airstrikes at the same time. Also, the entire island of Mindanao has been placed under Martial Law by President Rodrigo Duterte.

In the middle of all the clash, however, locals said that stray dogs have been feasting on corpses scattered in the streets of Marawi.

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Germany Will Soon Start Fining Parents If They Refuse To Vaccinate Their Kids

The measles epidemic has gotten so bad, Germany found it necessary to take this step.

With the rising number of measles cases in the country, Germany is showing everyone how serious they are in combating the potentially fatal disease. In fact, the government has said that parents who fail or refuse to have their children vaccinated could face fines amounting up to $2,800.

In a BBC article, we learn that Health Minister Hermann Gröhe pointed out that this move was necessary “to tighten the law because of a measles epidemic.” Recently, a mother of three died because of measles.

So yes, it has come to a point where the government wants kindergartens to report parents who do not want their kids vaccinated.

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