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Watching The Process Of Repairing This $30,000 Tire Is Oddly Satisfying





How do you repair a tire worth $30,000? Well, you bet it isn’t a simple process! In fact it can be as time-consuming as it is complicated.

In the video below, you will see a damaged Earth Mover tire being fixed by experts.

The process takes a lot of steps and watching how it’s done is oddly satisfying.

We see everything from buffing and skiving, to scooping and filling, to stripping and stitching, and everything else in between.

The process obviously takes a lot of work since, you know, this isn’t an ordinary tire but one that’s as big as a car.

Also, we couldn’t imagine how many hours were spent just to fix this gigantic tire.

Fortunately for the rest of us, we can sit back and watch a time-lapse footage of the repair in just a few minutes.

The patience and attention to detail involved in fixing the tire is simply impressive.

The video was recorded by REMA TIP TOP Company, a German company that manufactures equipment for industrial size tires. It was eventually uploaded online via the Extreme Machines Magazine.

You can watch the video here:

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So yes, fixing an Earth Mover tire isn’t as simple process at all. It takes longer than repairing your Toyota’s tire – and we’re guessing it is terribly expensive as well. Let’s not forget that the tire itself costs $30,000.

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