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Remembering Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington In These 8 Live Performances





The entire music industry was again in deep shock following the death of Linkin Park’s frontman Chester Bennington. He helped brought rap rock to the map, giving it a shot at mainstream radio. His unique throat-cracking screams perfectly complemented Mike Shinoda’s smooth rapping. The duo and their band became a voice of a generation, which echoes to this day.

Bennington’s death (caused by suicide) was definitely devastating, as he left a place that could have been better with him on it. Alas, with his passing, many wept and mourned. While there were some who seemed to have accepted his fate, others cannot just move on.

Thanks to Consequences of Sound, we managed to compile a list of the best live performances from the Linkin Park singer. It is through this that we can pay tribute to a legend whose voice became a powerful force in the industry.

#1. 'Hunger Strike' with Soundgarden's late vocals Chris Cornell.

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They say that Bennington suffered great depression following the death of his close friend Cornell. In this live performance, the two can be seen giving everything they can to the audience. Fans and musicians alike are missing these two already.

#2. Singing 'Hallelujah' at Chris Cornell's funeral.

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This was perhaps the most difficult performance Bennington had to undergo. After all, he was delivering a painful eulogy to his buddy. But despite that, he handled it with grace and made the funeral worth remembering.

#3. 'Sex Type Thing' with Stone Temple Pilots.

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Here he was again, singing his heart out. This time, with another acclaimed band Stone Temple Pilots. All the bands he collaborated with spoke of beautiful things about him.

#4. 'One Step Closer' at Projekt Revolution in 2002.

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The song “One Step Closer” was the cornerstone of Linkin Park’s career. It was the spark that gave their band fire, becoming one of biggest rock groups in history. This performance back in 2002 sums up Chester’s charm onstage.

#5. 'In the End' at MTV World Stage 2011.

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The band is among the few groups out there that are able to put out a studio-like live performance. Despite health issues Bennington faced in his career, he managed to put every single concert on a whole new level.

#6. 'The Messenger' at MusiCares 2011.

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Albeit known for his hard-hitting persona at stage, Bennington also had a softer side. His live performance of “The Messenger” gave fans a glimpse of what he can do outside of rock.

#7. 'Bleed It Out' at Birmingham, UK.

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Age has taken its toll on Bennington, but his voice and performance were an exception. He can be seen in top form, hitting high notes and letting out screams. Sadly, this was his last performance with his band Linkin Park.

#8. 'Heavy' at Birmingham, UK.

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This arguably the most fitting in the list. Despite getting booed, Bennington displayed the kind of professionalism that most singers fail to execute nowadays. He continued singing, delivering what appears to be the most emotional song in their “One More Light” album. The lyrics in fact were believed to be foreshadowing the thought-process of Chester, proving his battle against depression. It is just sad to see a legend – who brought so much to the music scene – getting disrespected just because he sang a song he wrote out of his heart.

Chester, you will be missed. Rest in peace, buddy!

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