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Twitter of Chester Bennington’s Wife Hacked, Tweets About Cheating With Mike Shinoda

Fans are hoping the tweets are not really coming from Chester’s wife.


As millions of fans mourn the death of Linkin Park frontman, Chester Bennington, his wife, Talinda-Ann Bentley, on the other hand, is believed to be targeted by a hacker, according to reports. The former Playboy model’s Twitter account was hacked and tweets include confessions about cheating with Chester’s bandmate Mike Shinoda.

Recently, Bentley took to the social media platform to post sick tweets in which she said she encouraged the vocalist to kill himself and that no one will care about his death. Prior to this tweet, Bennington’s wife wrote on Twitter admitting to cheating with Shinoda. The tweets have since been deleted but different news outlets have already picked up on it.

Chester Bennington’s wife allegedly posted on Twitter that she was cheating on him.

Source: Twitter
She allegedly claimed she was never really into her husband.

Source: Twitter
In another one of the bizarre tweets, Talinda implied her husband didn't commit suicide.

It remains to be seen if Talinda’s tweets were real or if her Twitter handle has really been hacked, but fans are hoping that it’s the latter as the couple had been harassed by a cyberstalker in 2007.

Chester and Talinda married in 2006.

Source: Pinterest
The couple has three children together.

Shinoda, who is married to wife Anna Hillinger since 2003, has yet to make a comment regarding the alleged cheating confessions by Talinda.

Bennington’s death was ruled as an apparent suicide by a Los Angeles County coroner. However, no further details were given. The “Heavy” singer was found hanging from his door by his housekeeper in his L.A. home.

As reported by DailyMail, friends of the father of six never suspected that he would take his own life. Reportedly, Bennington was “never the same” following the death of Chris Cornell, a close friend of his, who also hanged himself in May. Bennington was also the godfather of Cornell’s son.


Japanese Company to Dump 777,000 Tons of Radioactive Waste into Ocean

600 barrels containing around 777,000 tons of radioactive waste are about to be dumped in the ocean.

Recent news reports are telling us that, as the article title says, a certain company in Japan is preparing to dump 777,000 tons of radioactive waste into the ocean. This, of course, is part of the ongoing clean-up efforts following the tragic 2011 tsunami that claimed 16,000 lives and caused the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant meltdown.

Japan Times reported that the said nuclear disaster has been the biggest ever since Chernobyl and tons of water have been used to pump through the reactors in the hopes of preventing overheating.

The water has since become radioactive and so now it has to be disposed.

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16-Year-Old Schoolgirl Who Ran Away To Become ISIS Bride Gets Captured In Mosul

Her mother said Linda was brainwashed and persuaded to go to Syria,

A schoolgirl from Germany who ran away from home for her ISIS lover was captured by Iraqi forces in the ruins of Mosul. She and 20 other suspected foreign female ISIS members were found in a tunnel under the Old City.

Linda Wenzel, 16, reportedly joined the notorious group after being radicalized online. Police investigators believe the girl fell in love with a Muslim man she met online, who convinced her to move to Syria and join him.

Her identity is not established yet but authorities believe this ISIS sniper is Wenzel.

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Video Shows Iraqi Troops Allegedly Executing ISIS Militants by Throwing Them Over a Cliff

The footage shows uniformed men throwing an unarmed man over a cliff, shooting him afterwards.

This shocking video has been circulating online and has been gaining mixed reactions from netizens everywhere. Allegedly, the footage shows Iraqi troops executing suspected Islamic State militants in the area of Mosul by throwing them over cliffs and shooting them.

The government of Iraq has since launched an investigation regarding the matter. An interior ministry spokesman also mentioned that if it’s verified to be authentic, then those who are involved in the killings will be brought to justice.

Human rights groups claim they’ve received numerous reports from witnesses regarding executions and torture in Mosul.

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