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While Riding a Boat, They Saw this Black Thing Moving In The Water!

The rare creature the saw was simply jaw-dropping.

After an epic rainstorm, a member of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) headed by Carter Roberts, President and CEO, spotted a dark shape moving through the water as they were boating down the stream of the Tapajos River in Brazil’s Juruena National Park.  At first, they have mistakenly identified it as a caiman. But as they looked closer, they witnessed an amazing sight they will never forget. It was a rare black jaguar swimming across the river. Carter Roberts asserted that it was the most incredible moment that he has witnessed in his entire life.

According to the video, jaguars are strong swimmers and climbers and require large areas of tropical rain forest and stretches of riverbank to survive. This magnificent black jaguar was spotted in one of the Amazon Region Protected Areas, a 150 million acres of land that is protected in perpetuity.

Watch the Amazing Video!

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This amazing footage is surely a great reminder of how important it is to protect our rapidly diminishing wildlife.

Source: World Wildlife Fund


He Quit His Job to do THIS… Best Decision EVER!

Here’s the video to prove it.

Who says you can't have your cake and eat it too? For Kian Lam, nothing's stopping him from enjoying the view from the top.  Born art lover and earth wanderer, Lam has dropped all his baggages including his well paid job in exchange of a first-hand global tour.  His reasons? To simply capture the beauty and essence of the earth and put it altogether in a so called photograph and pattern it into a large scale puzzle.

Despite having to set aside his stairway to a stable career in the field of photography, Lam has always thought that beauty is not just for one's eyes to behold but for a million to share.

Watch the video:


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This Postman Has His Own Ways of Dealing with Dogs on His Route. It was Brilliant!

Why hasn’t any other postman thought of this before?


Do dogs really hate postmen or is it the other way around? Mr. Cods, an Australian mailman, records one of his daily routines in delivering maild on a neighborhood. It is very amusing to watch on how he deals with each dog he meets in every house.

The video showed the different treatments he gave to the dogs. Before starting his daily routine, he already prepared a pack of dog food. He obviously used it to tame the dogs. With pleasure, he gave treats to the dogs that treated him nice. It was just so cute to see some of dogs that were already waiting for him while waggling their tales. And for those mean dogs, he chose to just laugh at them after inserting the letters into the mailboxes. At least, he did not get frustrated and irritated. In a way, he still treated them nicely. He was probably used to it somehow.

Caution: Contains profanity....

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When a Homeless Person Fell Down, Nobody Helped Him. Until Finally… it was Heartbreaking!

I’m glad they caught this on camera. SHAME on these people!


One sad reality about people’s behavior is that they judge others by how they look and their outside appearance.

To validate such statement, Model Pranksters created a social experiment about the effect of appearance on the way people treat others.

The video showed two different situation where a man on crutches was dressed like a professional and the one is dressed as a homeless person. You would observe that the people reacted as fast as they could to help and assist the successful-looking man to his feet after he "fell down". Unfortunately, when the same experiment was done with the homeless man, the result was exactly the opposite. People were just watching as the homeless man struggled to stand up on his feet. But what's more heartbreaking about the result of the test was the unexpected person who wholeheartedly helped the homeless man. Who it was? Watch the video. ...

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