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While Riding a Boat, They Saw this Black Thing Moving In The Water!





After an epic rainstorm, a member of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) headed by Carter Roberts, President and CEO, spotted a dark shape moving through the water as they were boating down the stream of the Tapajos River in Brazil’s Juruena National Park.  At first, they have mistakenly identified it as a caiman. But as they looked closer, they witnessed an amazing sight they will never forget. It was a rare black jaguar swimming across the river. Carter Roberts asserted that it was the most incredible moment that he has witnessed in his entire life.

According to the video, jaguars are strong swimmers and climbers and require large areas of tropical rain forest and stretches of riverbank to survive. This magnificent black jaguar was spotted in one of the Amazon Region Protected Areas, a 150 million acres of land that is protected in perpetuity.

Watch the Amazing Video!

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This amazing footage is surely a great reminder of how important it is to protect our rapidly diminishing wildlife.

Source: World Wildlife Fund

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