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Natural Wonders: the Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree of the Philippines





Deep within the lush forests of the Philippines are trees so beautiful and surreal, it would make you wonder if it’s the home of enchanted creatures. It’s called the Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree and it gets whimsical patches of color when it sheds its bark, creating beautiful technicolor patterns.

When the tree first sheds its bark, it reveals a bright green layer underneath. The transformation happens all the time as it sheds its bark every year at different intervals. As time passes, the pale green transforms into different shades of pale blues, bright oranges, deep purples, and mesmerizing maroons.

Just take a look at this gorgeous tree!

Source: Dmt-Nexus
These bright colors were created wholly by nature.

Take a look at the wide range of colors beneath the tree's bark.

Here's a closer look where you can see the layers of colors.

The rainbow eucalyptus tree’s scientific name is Eucalyptus Deglupta and it originated from Mindanao, Philippines. While it’s the only eucalyptus tree native to the northern hemisphere, it is now grown and cultivated in Hawaii, California, Texas, and Florida. In the southern hemisphere, however, it can be found in New Britain, New Guinea, Seram, and Sulawesi.

This tree of wonder can grow up to 250 feet tall with a diameter of 6 feet and its distinctly colorful pattern is the most eye-catching in rainforest areas. However, rainbow eucalyptus trees found outside of the tropics are much shorter and more subdued in color.

Beautiful as they are, you might get into some trouble if you want to have one in your yard!

And while many people would love to have such a brightly colored tree in their garden, many US states warn that the rainbow eucalyptus tree is considered an invasive species and you may be fined for growing them outside of their native range.

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