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Instead of Tipping This Filipina Waitress, Students Leave Racist Message On The Receipt

She’s been working for 4 to 5 years and this is the first time she experienced something like this.

Rachel Mau works as an IHOP waitress in Virginia Beach, Virginia. One Friday night, she had to do a double shift because a huge group of high school students came to have a party. Only 5 of the teens were left the following day and Rachel waited for them.

Later on, the Filipina-American waitress was surprised to discover that the students left something on their receipts.

Source: via Rappler

It wasn’t a tip but a handwritten message that said “Build that wall, Trump daddy” on the tip column. On another receipt, they wrote “nah.”

In an interview with Rappler, Rachel shared how she felt about it:

“I was pretty shocked and I didn’t know what to do. My feelings were hurt and I didn’t know how to take it in at first. I’ve just kept thinking about it and it upsets me because they didn’t seem like they have a problem or anything. They were respectful the night before.”

It can be remembered that during the presidential campaign period, Donald Trump promised that he will build a wall along the border of the United States and Mexico and that he will make Mexicans pay for the said wall. He also said that he will deport millions of illegal immigrants who are currently in the country.

According to Rachel, she has been working as a waitress for 4 to 5 years already but this was the first time she has ever experienced a racial attack.

She said:

“Usually we have a lot of older people that come in, and there’s also high school kids and they’re usually respectful – so that was my first time dealing with that and I didn’t really know how to react towards it.”

Rachel, a nursing student, said she isn’t into politics and she even didn’t vote in the previous election. However, she admits she has heard about incidents of racism and violence since Trump won – and now she has experienced it herself.

In her own words, she sums it up this way:

“Trump being president-elect has really made a difference on how people treat others.”


This Man Got Kicked Out Of A Delta Plane Because He Was Speaking Arabic

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YouTuber Adam Saleh recently uploaded a controversial video that shows him getting kicked out of a London to New York flight. The reason? Well other passengers apparently felt uncomfortable that he “spoke in a different language.”

According to Adam, he was talking with his parents over the phone in Arabic before the Delta plane took off.

Source: YouTube

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Being pregnant and in college may sound like a life filled with financial problems but for a Florida woman, such situation has surprisingly helped her earn cash.

This woman, who chose to stay anonymous, says that she earns about $200 per day just by selling positive pregnancy tests online.

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Lucky Reddit User Gets Bill Gates As Her Secret Santa. His Gifts Are Epic!

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I’m not a Reddit user but after reading this story, I definitely want to create an account already – just to get a small, tiny chance of having Bill Gates as my secret santa next Christmas. By tradition, Gates puts his name into Reddit’s secret santa each year and one lucky Reddit user gets a gift from him.

This year, a Redditer by the handle Aerrix was the recipient of Gates’ generosity and coolness.

Source: redditgifts
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