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I Have No Idea You Could Use a PVC Pipe to Make a Very CLEVER Household Hack!

Simple but brilliant!


One of the most annoying things that can ever happen to us is being locked out of our own house. It happened to me, too, and boy, it was really troublesome. I felt frustrated, and honestly, I felt like a blockhead. But this kind of experience need not happen again.

To avoid being locked out of the house, the “hidden house key” trick has been used by a lot of people for quite some time now. But sometimes, you might just run out of hiding places. Sure, you can leave a spare key under the door mat or under a flower pot, but it’s really not safe to do that anymore. Believe me, your spare key will be so easy to find that it’ll literally take a few seconds for other people to figure out where it’s hidden.

Enter HouseholdHacker, a popular Youtuber who gives quick and simple tricks to make our everyday lives easier. He came up with a creative way to make a DIY hidden house key holder that unsuspecting strangers will mistake for a normal part of your house. All you need is some PVC pipe, a PVC screw cap, a rubber rain collar, some adhesive, a few centimeters of yarn or string, and well, your spare key.

Watch the instructional video:

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This PVC key holder definitely looks legit, and is really simple to make. Unless some curious and nosy plumber meddles with the pipe and shakes it, it’s pretty foolproof.

You must remember, though, to make your own original design that matches your house or garden. Paint the pipe or hide it behind some bushes – it’s totally up to you. In the end, you get a really cool “hidden key holder” that is likely to save you from being locked out again!

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This Creative Guy Transformed His Useless Old TV Cabinet into Something Brilliant.

What an awesome way to recycle an old furniture.


Do you still own a bulky old media cabinet which is taking up so much space in your home?  We’re pretty sure you’ve been itching to throw this 90’s must-have since it has become an eyesore in your house.  Since lightweight flat screen TV’s were invented, this furniture has become pretty much useless in most homes.

One guy proved that you can still recycle a retro media cabinet with just a little imagination. Instead of ditching his useless TV cabinet, Redditor Perma4 decided to give it another chance by upcycling it into a very useful piece of furniture.

Check out this very cool DIY project and see if you can follow the step-by-step process to upcycle your TV cabinet.

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Man Uses Cardboards and a Bike To Build a Replica of Porsche Ferdinand GT3 RS

Who knew a Porsche could come from such simple beginnings?


Using cardboard, aluminium foil, and PVC, artist Hannes Langeder was able to build a pedal-powered replica of Porsche Ferdinand GT3 RS. Branded as the world's lightest Porsche weighing at about 220 pounds as well as the slowest at a top speed of 10mph, the replica car is considered as a bicycle which can be legally driven on public roads.

Special features of the “car” include massive air inlets and a rear wing. The base of the vehicle is made of steel-frame.

It took Langeder 6 months and cost him £10,000 to create the mock Porsche which he built as a “socio-environmental” statement. According to, the unique handmade creation aims to mock the culture of consumerism.

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Video Shows How Easy It Is To Make The Perfect Steak

Make a perfect steak… every time!


One of the secrets for a perfect steak is to test the doneness of the meat. There are two basic ways to test it. You can either use a thermometer or just the tips of your fingers. Most experienced chefs preferred to use the finger test since the thermometer approach might cause a certain amount of juices in the steak to escape as you poke a hole into the meat.

Fortunately, I found this video that shows the easy steps of using the “finger test” method. Probably, you have been using the method of pressing on the meat lightly but with this technique, you can be more confident of checking out the doneness of your meat. Of course, you won’t be able to master it immediately but it will surely get easier with practice. I have tried it myself and I am pretty sure I will perfect it in time.

Watch the Video:

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