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Heartbreaking Short Comic Gives You a Simple Yet Perfect Explanation of Privilege





You’ve probably read, watched or heard countless stories on how privilege has destroyed hundreds of lives and how the lack of it made a handful of people determined to succeed in the future. In fact, these types of stories have made quite an impact on how we see social status and the value of hard work.

The common notion is that rich people have it easy while those in the lower class need to work thrice as hard just to attain at least half of what the rich people have.

In today’s society, privilege and affluence can easily affect people from the moment they are born. The difference between how a rich child is raised highly differs from how a poor child is brought up. The parents of a rich child can easily give him anything, while the parents of the poor girl will normally have to work two to three jobs at a time in order to send their son to school. This goes on in different stages of growing up, until they reach adult stage.

What is sad about this is that children of affluent families tend to think that they are deserving of what is handed out to them because they “worked” hard for what they have not realizing that were able to attain it because of status. Opportunities are not equal for a privileged person and a poor one. More often than not, poor people are handed lower ranks or less even when they have the skill set to do and be more for the society.

This comic strip on privilege tells us how affluence can greatly affect the way we live our lives whether we realize it or not. This is a story about Richard and Paula and they can actually be you:

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