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Fiercer Than T-Rex! This Prehistoric Frog Preyed On Dinosaurs

Researchers just discovered a new species of prehistoric giant frog capable of eating small dinosaurs.


Somewhere in Madagascar, experts have discovered a species of giant frog capable of eating small dinosaurs. Normally, frogs use their tongues to catch their prey. However, this species had a different method in hunting for food.

The newly discovered species is called the Beelzebufo frog. It is an extinct species of frog that lived on the lands of Madagascar approximately 68 million years ago.

Beelzebufo frogs had impressively powerful jaws. These frogs took advantage of their strong bite force to catch their food.

Source: Nobu Tamura

According to the studies, Beelzebufo frogs preyed on small dinosaurs and crocodilians. To draw some comparisons, the researchers measured the bite force of the similar smaller species of frogs that are still alive today.

One species of frogs that caught their attention was the American horned frog.

Source: Pixabay

These frogs are popular for being a pet due to their funny looks and appetite. However, what made them unique is their powerful bite force.

While studying the nature of American horned frogs, Sean Wilcox, a PhD candidate at the University of California, Riverside said:

Many people find horned frogs hilarious because of their big heads and fat, round bodies. Yet, these predators have given us a rare opportunity to learn something more about the biology of a huge extinct frog.

After measuring the bite force of the horned frogs, they discovered that those with head widths of 4.5cm had a bite force of 30 Newtons.

The results led Professor Kristopher Lappin of California State Polytechnic University, Pomana to say:

This is the first time bite force has been measured in a frog, and, speaking from experience, horned frogs have quite an impressive bite, and they tend not to let go. The bite of a large Beelzebufo would have been remarkable, definitely not something I would want to experience firsthand.

According to, this study led them to conclude that the larger horned frogs could have the bite force of roughly around 500 newtons. This further led them to believe that the much larger prehistoric Beelzebufo frogs had a bite force of up to 2,200 Newtons.

This puts them on the same level as the apex predators like lions. Scary, isn’t it?


Apparently, Male Ducks Can Grow Massive Penises When Living Amongst Rivals

And they actually call this the “ducks’ dick swinging contest.”

Like any living creatures, ducks also live in a competitive world – most especially within their circles. They try to outdo each other just to win the heart of a female duck. Believe it or not, they actually take this competition very seriously that they show their competitiveness through the size of their, well, penises.

Yes, you read that right – male ducks tend to grow their “thing” longer when in the presence of each other. And this might be surprising to some, considering that most birds aren’t blessed with genitalia. Ducks, in particular, are part of the lucky three percent. They appear like corkscrews, though.

Depending on the competition, ducks can grow their penises as big (or bigger) as themselves.

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Chilling Video Shows A Shaman Who Can ‘Control Crocodiles’ Dragged Beneath The Water

The crocodile shaman believed he could keep the creatures at bay while he was looking for a previous victim. He was wrong.

Crocodiles are ferocious if you're in the wrong place at the wrong time. Even though their diet mainly consist of small fishes, reptiles, invertebrates, and mammals, they can be quite dangerous for humans, especially during the breeding season.

In Indonesia, which is known to have numerous lakes and rivers infested with crocodiles, a shaman who claimed he has the power to control these creatures was dragged beneath the waters by these scaly creatures.

Onlookers were shocked at the sight and one witness was able to capture a video of the attack.

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10 Tearjerking Stories Of Brave Dogs In Times Of Wars

Let’s celebrate the bravery of these dogs in war times.

The two world wars are filled to the brim with countless military heroes. Brave men fought tooth and nail to attain peace. Through valor, courage, and pure, unadulterated patriotism, they managed to leave their permanent mark in the annals of time.

However, heroic humans are not the only ones who deserve recognition for their times at war. Often overlooked in the pages of recorded history, dogs also have a few unsung heroes among them. These canines proved their courage during their adventures in the no man’s land. Barking their way against all odds, prepare to be amazed by these 10 brave dogs in times of war.

10. Stubby

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