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A Hawk’s Prey-Hunting Strategy Gets Caught on a Head Cam

This hawk gets hooked up with a head cam and the result’s surprising.

Inah Garcia





Goshawks are among the most notorious creatures in the air. When it comes to putting down preys, goshawks are sure to do the job perfectly. Their deadly and powerful abilities are unbelievable, and have cause many researchers to wonder how goshawks stay efficient and tiptop when it comes to hunting.

This head cam video of a goshawk’s strategy for hunting might just explain how they do it so well. It is nothing like you have ever seen before. It will leave you amazed at how one bird can move so surely of itself, that it looks almost like a routine for them. Their ability to move so swift and sharp are amazing talents that will leave no goshawk hungry in their lifetime. Experts were able to see the video, and a brief explanation was finally made. Goshawks’ strategies are quite impressive, with angular precision and perfect timing involved.

Watch the amazing video below:

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Source: The NY Times via The Daily Dot

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These Coffee Cups Will Grow Into Trees When Thrown Away.

This is amazing!

Mini Malabanan



With over 400 million cups of coffee being sipped everyday in America, a creative company based in California had the clever idea of upcycling  disposable coffee cups.

Reduce. Reuse. Grow, an environmental organisation, will be creating biodegradable cups that will decompose within 180 days. Of course, that idea is nothing new so they took upcycling to the next level by embedding seeds into the disposable cups which will eventually turn into trees or native flowers.

Users of the coffee cups have two options. They can either plant the cup themselves or put it in a bin inside the coffee shops. The organisation would collect and eventually distribute it in  communities in need of reforestation.

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A Drone Was Flying Over The Beach. What It Captured Is Simply BREATHTAKING!

Now this is a stunning piece of artwork!




Andres Amador is a 42-year-old "earthscape artist". It is an apt appellation, as Amador is known to create wonderful artworks on the ground. He uses the sand as his canvas, and rakes and combs as his paintbrush. Amador creates masterpieces on different beaches and shorelines. Some of the patterns and designs that he makes are as big as a football field.

Amador used to be an environmental scientist. Ten years ago, he quit his day job and decided to pursue his passion. Since then, he has created massive "earthscapes" on various shorelines, including California and the Carribean. He takes photos of his work via a camera mounted on a quad-copter, and then sells the prints.

A few of Andres' works:


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MUST SEE: Kids’ Priceless Reactions After Trying Breakfast From Around the World.

This is great.

Jade Angeli



It is important to introduce culture in the early stages of life. Often, kids would enjoy going to museums, traveling, attending language classes, or watching shows about the cultures of other countries. Introducing new and unusual things to children would elicit priceless reactions.

An interesting experiment was conducted by, a video production company, that features American children get a taste of cultures across the globe, literally! The kids were offered meals while on camera. What's the catch? The breakfast served was not their typical meal.

The reactions of these adorable kids are hilarious when asked to try the breakfast staples from Vietnam, Poland, Brazil, Korea, Finland, and the Netherlands.

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