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Pope Francis Issues Apology After Slapping Woman’s Hand




  • Pope Francis of the Roman Catholic Church recently made headlines after slapping a woman’s hand.
  • The incident, which happened in St Peter’s Square, Vatican City has sparked different comments both from believers and non-believers of the faith.
  • The pontiff has since apologized about his act.

Pope Francis has issued a public apology after smacking a woman’s hand as he tried to free himself when she grabbed him in St Peter’s Square. According to reports, the incident happened as the Roman Catholic leader was greeting children and pilgrims.

The woman, whose identity remains unknown,suddenly pulled the pope’s hand, which caused him to get upset and react violently. Everything was caught on film and the video eventually went viral on social media.

This woman got slapped by the Pope for aggressively pulling his hand.

Not surprisingly, netizens had mixed reactions about what happened, with some labeling the woman as “disrespectful” for doing what she did to Pope Francis – who is already 83 years old.

Pope Francis definitely wasn’t happy about the encounter, as can be seen in his face.

One commenter sided with the Catholic leader and wrote:

“I am not a fan of the Pope but you should never pull or grab someone like that, especially an elderly person.. That is just plain rude!”

Another added:

“She deserved it. She would’ve gotten more than a slap if she did that to my grandpa.”

Meanwhile, others also disagreed with those defending him, saying his response was so un-Christlike.

As someone pointed out:

“He was not going to fall. He acted angry and slapped her. That is not the behavior of a Vicar of Jesus.”

A day after the incident, the pontiff immediately apologized for his behavior.

He remarked in a recent sermon:

“Love makes us patient. So many times we lose patience, even me, and I apologize for yesterday’s bad example.”

Watch the video report here and see how everything happened:

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