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Have Plenty of Plastic Bottles at Home? Use These Awesome Tips to Recycle Them!





Plastic is ubiquitous – we use it for virtually every common thing at work, at school, or even in the household. But in recent years, we have seen the dangers of using plastic. The compounds used to make plastic takes a longer time to decompose, which is why it sticks around longer in the environment when we throw it away. Because of this, more and more of our animal friends living in the water die because we dispose of plastic irresponsibly. Which is why environmental groups are lobbying for more sustainable alternatives to plastics and more effective recycling methods. Even governments worldwide are acknowledging this major problem by regulating the use of plastics in our everyday life.

As responsible citizens, yes, we can commit to reducing plastic use – but what do we do with the plastic bottles we already have lying around? The answer is simple – simply fashion these bottles into something we can use at home. Instead of buying that new watering pot at the store, use your water bottles first!

Want to know more innovative ways to recycle plastic bottles? Watch the video below:

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You see, those plastic bottles still have lots of other uses. We don’t need to throw it out. Through recycling, we can save money – and even the world we live in.

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