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Filipina Plane Passenger Wears Several Layers of Clothes to Avoid Paying Excess Baggage Fees

OMG! Someone finally did it!

  • Filipina woman Gel Rodriguez recently went viral because of a funny social media post.
  • The airline passenger shared a photo where she was seen wearing several layers of garments, all in an attempt to avoid paying extra baggage fees.

What do you do if you want to get away with having to pay for excess baggage at the airport? Well one woman has shown us her hilarious solution and she has recently gained viral fame because of it.

Gel Rodriguez of Davao City, Philippines came up with the ridiculous, albeit unquestionably effective, idea of wearing 2.5 kilograms of her clothes so she can avoid paying extra fees for her baggage – which already exceeded the allowed weight of 7 kilos.

According to Gel, an airline staff told her she had to pay up for excess baggage because her suitcase already reached 9 kilos. Instead of pulling money out of her pocket, however, she decided she would instead wear several layers of clothing namely 3 jackets, 5 shirts, and 3 pairs of pants. Her baggage was reduced from 9 to 6.5 kg.

She eventually shared about her experience on social media and even posted a photo. Much to her surprise, her story immediately went viral online. She would later joke that had she would have uploaded a better picture had she known the post would go viral.

In an interview with VICE, Gel said:

“I didn’t want to pay the fee for the excess baggage because it was only two kilograms.”

Despite everything, Gel is quick to admit that she actually wouldn’t recommend the ‘hack’ to others. “It was really hot,” she pointed out, adding she will never pull the same stunt again in the future.

Meanwhile, some netizens praised Gel for being funny and creative. One passenger even admitted to throwing stuff away in a garbage bin just to avoid the fees. On the other hand, there are also those who confessed that they have likewise done the same trick in the past.


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