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Pilot Stuns Internet With His Selfies Taken With Plane Window Down While Cruising

A pilot stuns netizens with selfies – but it’s not really as hard as it looks!

Many of us dream about traveling. We wish to see places by land, by sea or by air and document the whole trip through photos and videos we can brag online. In fact, many travelers today would spend half of their trips taking pictures and the other half spent in enjoying.

Among the travel photos we see on social media, selfies taken inside or outside the car would be most common. But have you ever seen someone taking a snapshot outside a window plane? Well check out this guy’s photos!

A pilot creates stunning selfies on plane with the windows down!

A hot pilot though is blowing the minds of social media users as he posts his selfies from outside of his Boeing looking flawless. The amazing but quite boggling part is that you won’t even see a single strand of hair flying from his face.

People are puzzled with the photos Mr. Ganso is sharing on Twitter. He fearlessly opens the window of his plane to take selfies with his current location’s best spot, but we all know that this is something that’s strictly prohibited on a plane ride. The pressure from the outside could cause technical difficulties and with the altitude, for sure, oxygen isn’t as dense making one probably hard up in breathing.

Many people are wondering how he was able to pull off such stunts.

People seeing his photos are trying to figure out how he captured his selfies.

According to Ozzyman, Mr. Ganso’s pictures divided social users. Many are concerned about his safety and would remind him on the comments section to be careful. There is a group though that doesn’t believe in the authenticity of his stunts while the others take effort to examine the images.

Apparently some of his photos were photoshopped.

And indeed, Mr. Ganso’s photos are just another set of photo tricks. Through his glasses, users noticed the reflection of tarmac where he took his selfies before he photoshopped them on plane photos. The photos were greatly edited that they looked real.


Photographer Refuses To Document Woman’s Birth, Saying C-Section Is Not Real Birth

A photographer turned mean when the expectant mom told her she was going to undergo a C-section.

Motherhood is one of life's glorious experiences. It is a privilege to nurture children. Women become mothers in many ways — by giving birth naturally, via a C-section, through adoption, and some become default guardians or stepmoms of kids. No matter how they become moms, it is normal for women to document the experience. Having a child is a fabulous milestone.

These days, there are photographers specializing in pregnancy photo shoots and birth photo shoots. An expectant mother in Oregon contacted a birth photographer and they exchanged messages via text. The expectant mom was about to book the photographer's services when a complication came up.

Many moms want to document every detail of ther pregnancy.


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Woman Gets Sweet Proposal In Greece, Shocked To Know Wedding Is In Less Than 24 Hours

She thought it was nothing but a vacation. She had no idea she was in for something life-changing!

Men are lucky when they get a “yes” on their marriage proposals. But women are even more blessed when they find men who would go an extra mile to stage an extra special wedding after they propose.

A wedding is the grandest event that could come in a couple’s life. Before the special day though, the bride is usually more hands-on in the preparations and it would mean enduring a lot of stress. Seldom do we hear about grooms doing all the tasks of making the big day possible.

Michelle Williams though is a real princess served by her prince charming even up to the day they got married. This 37-year-old woman was asked by her lover to settle down but the catch is - they are to be wed in less than 24 hours from the time of the proposal!...

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Inseparable Couple Married For 77 Years Gets Buried Together In One Casket

A wife who held her husband’s hand on his deathbed also died a few hours after the man passed away. Later they were laid together in the same casket and were buried together to eternity.

We often see stories shared on social media about relationships failing and married couples divorcing. It’s already very rare to hear about lovers who are able to fulfill their vows to stay together until death breaks them apart. But surely, there are couples out there who share a special love with each other like the connection that Raymond and Velva Breuer celebrated for almost a century.

The couple’s story sounds just like a fairy tale. They spent almost their entire lives together as they grew up in the same town, went to the same primary classes and even graduated from the same high school.

Raymond and Velva Breuer can be considered as a perfect example of a lasting love.


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