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Pigeon Steals Poppies to Create Colorful Nest on War Memorial

The clever bird built the nest on the most symbolic location!

  • The staff at the Australia War Memorial were confused when several flowers went missing from the Tomb of the Unknown Australian Soldier.
  • Amazingly, it was revealed that a pigeon has been stealing the poppies to build her own nest.
  • The colorful nest also happens to be right on top of a powerful war memorial.

Good mothers only want the best for their children. Case in point, one truly clever pigeon decided that her chicks should have a colorful nest. The bird made this possible by stealing poppies left on an unknown soldier’s tomb and what’s even more amazing about it is that the nest was built on a war memorial.

It all began when the staff of the Australian War Memorial noticed that the poppies left on the Tomb of the Unknown Australian Soldier have been going missing. Soon, they realized that a pigeon has been taking the flowers to build a nest for her chicks.

The pigeon nestles in her colorful creation.

Amazingly, the pigeon chose an ideal place to create the nest. The staff saw that she had built it in an alcove above the stained-glass window of a wounded Australian soldier. It’s the perfect location for the nest due to its symbolism.

According to the Australian War Memorial website, the wounded soldier represents “the defining quality of “endurance” while the pigeon’s nest is “a poignant reminder of the powerful bond between man and beast on the battlefield.”

Although pigeons are usually viewed as pests, the Australian War Memorial points out that these birds played a major role during times of turmoil. Pigeons used to be a means of communication and several birds have risked their lives to send messages across battlefields.

“There are lots of stories of pigeons valiantly going forward and saving people’s lives,” shared historian Dr Meleah Hampton. 

The chicks are finally here!

Today, the pigeon’s nest has a new meaning. Now that the eggs have hatched, people believe that it is a symbol of hope and new beginnings.


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