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One-of-a-Kind House With A Tree Growing In The Middle Gets You Close to Nature





A lot of us would love to have a tree house in our own yard; this somehow allows us to reminisce about our childhood and more importantly, it gives us the feeling of being close to nature.

But for one architect, being close to nature was taken to the next level when he designed a house that you would definitely be envious about.

Not only did Kazakhstan-based architect, Aibek Almassov, designed a unique and gorgeous house, he also won at gardening, considering a giant fir tree is growing inside the house, right in the middle.

A giant fir tree is growing inside the glass-walled home.


Source: Amasow

This concept was realized back in 2013, but unfortunately, investors pulled themselves off the project. But recently, A. Masow Architects have found the support they need to get the project going from a solar panel manufacturer. The house is still a concept and is yet to be built, but reports say its construction could be started next year.

It is located in the middle of a forest – just the perfect escape from the bustling city life.

tree-inside-a-house-middle of forest

Source: Amasow

The design is meant to deliver a message that building a house doesn’t mean that forests need to be cleared; one can be close to nature and live with it in harmony without destroying anything.

I bet the person who’ll live here will always have a wonderful morning.


Source: Amasow

The house is a 4-story building with a sprawling staircase and a shower located at the bottom floor. There’s also an observation deck for you to scout the forested area.

sprawling staircase

Source: Amasow
This house with a tree in the middle is also eco-friendly!


Source: Amasow

It has clear solar panels to generate electricity, plus it has a filtration system that uses rainwater.

At night, you can rest and enjoy your favorite book without any distractions. You only have the gentle sound of nature.

read a book

Source: Amasow

In short, this should be the perfect house for someone who needs to just get away from the busy life and other distractions. Would you live in this house?

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