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Pet Owner Chases After Dog Thief, Flips His Van and Fights Him With A Machete





They said a dog is the only thing in this world that loves a person more than he loves himself – something that pet owners see as one of the most valued possession they have. True enough, but what if their own pet dogs are in danger?

Recently, an unidentified pet owner from southern China chased after a man who stole his three dogs and fearlessly bumped his car into the rear part of the thief’s vehicle. Apparently, what he did caused the suspect to lose control behind the wheel, and the silver minivan tripped over.

The pet owner fights the suspect with a machete.

Source: AsiaWire

As seen in the footage below, the pet owner pulled over, and brought a machete with him, which he used to fight the thief. He demanded the suspect to give him his three pooches back. The suspect though tried to resist and used a wooden club to fight back.

Fortunately, the pet owner successfully rescued all his three pet dogs unscathed. According to a police report, the skirmish between the suspect and the pet owner happened in Shanwei, Guangdong Province in southern China. The dog thief, who was identified as Mr. Xie, 44, is from Sichuan Province in south-west China.

Mr Xie has been detained by the Luhe Police.

He was captured through the joint efforts between the pet owner, the onlookers, and the cops. He has now been detained by the Luhe Police. Mr. Xie has admitted that he stole the dogs from the fearless pet owner.

Police reports also mentioned that the unnamed pet owner learned that his three pooches were stolen on June 4 when he checked the CCTV in his home. The thief was seen hauling the dogs into his silver van.

Authorities found some tools in Mr. Xie’s vehicle including a hammer, a rod, lassos, as well as a butterfly catcher.

They believe that these are the tools that the suspect used to steal dogs. The cops also found four fake plate numbers in the suspect’s vehicle.

However, there is no telling whether the rescued dogs were to be sold as pets or to be slaughtered to sell in the meat market. Many people though believe that it must be the latter. China is no stranger to dog stealing. Reports suggest that there are roughly 20 million dogs being killed in the country annually.

Watch the video below.

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