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Pervy Dolphin With a Massive Boner Gets Intimate With Female Snorkeler

How lonely this dolphin must be that he is trying to relieve his sexual frustrations with a human?

Anne Dominguez





How lonely this dolphin must be that he is trying to relieve his sexual frustrations with a human? A bottle nose dolphin in the waters of Turks and Caicos Islands tried to get intimate with a female snorkeler.

An adventure group composed of a couple and a videographer went to the island of East Caicos when they come across this dolphin. They decided to play with him underwater for a while but the dolphin suddenly got interested with the woman.

The dolphin ignored the man and went for the woman.

Later the boyfriend (now the woman’s husband) tried to get in between to separate his partner from the dolphin. But there’s no letting go. The dolphin is determined to get his mate.

This dolphin must be saying: “Begone third wheel!”

But somehow, it turned to a threesome.

The couple finally got away from the dolphin and exited the water but the dolphin stayed around the area for a while longer until the group left.

Marine biologists have previously identified dolphins as “very sexual creatures.” In a study of more than 120 bottlenose dolphins in western Australia, researchers from the University of Massachusetts found that male dolphins “engage in extensive bisexuality, combined with periods of exclusive homosexuality.”

Male dolphin pairs or even groups of threes cooperate to seize individual female dolphins during the mating season. They added that male bottlenose dolphins are “capable of serious aggression.”

And if you are curious about dolphin-human hook-ups. Yes, there are other cases of dolphins sexually assaulting humans. A few years ago, there’s a report of a lone, sexually matured dolphin in Grand Cayman Island who has been terrorizing divers. Apparently, Stinky is forced to relieve his sexual tension with people because he has no available mate in the area.

Most people do not return the affections but there is one man who revealed he has previously been in a relationship with a dolphin for nine months and even wrote a book about it. “She became more and more aggressive,” Malcolm Brenner said of his lover, Dolly “She would thrust herself against me… I found that extraordinarily erotic.”

Watch the full video below:

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Meet MacGyver, an adorable Argentine red tegu lizard that will make you want to trade in your furry pets.

Jade Mendez



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MacGyver is a four-year-old Argentine Red Tegu lizard and is amicably the most popular lizard reigning with thousands of social media followers on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Moreover, MacGyver the lizard even has a LinkedIn page as of now. According to Bored Panda, thousands of people showered their love on the lizard by looking at the pictures and videos of MacGyver eating, going for walks, and most importantly, cuddling. The affectionate lizard will change your impression of "cold-hearted", ferocious reptiles.

Meet MacGyver, an Argentine red tegu lizard from California who may be the most popular lizard on Earth.

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Dondi Tiples



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Like this brother and sister pair, for instance. They catch huge snakes for a living.

Some of those reptiles are even bigger than they are.

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Angela Beltran



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Fearless Camila grabbed the snake to save it from the vehicles.

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