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87-Year-Old Patient Beats COVID-19 After Doctors Told Family To “Prepare For The Worst”




  • Percy Ewart Lockton, 87, has defied the odds and defeated coronavirus.
  • The grandfather from the UK has gotten worse during his 2-week stay at the hospital but fortunately, his condition soon improved and he has since been discharged.
  • His granddaughter shared the story on Facebook and the post quickly went viral.

Hearing about the growing numbers of confirmed coronavirus cases and deaths can be distressing. But as the world continues to struggle with the dangerous virus, may we not forget that the numbers of recoveries are likewise increasing. And some of their stories can be very inspiring!

Case in point, Percy Ewart Lockton is already 87 years old and has been diagnosed with COVID-19. Despite the known fact that the elderly are at most risk of falling seriously ill to the disease – or even dying due to it – the impressive grandfather actually defied the odds and recovered.

According to a CNN report, Percy ended up having coronavirus after returning from a Caribbean cruise with his wife. He eventually ended up getting confined at the North Manchester General Hospital where doctors have told his family to “prepare for the worst,” shared Sophie Edwards, his grandchild.

Fortunately, Percy is a fighter!

To address his chest infection, the hospital gave him several antibiotics and his health later showed great improvements that he has been given the permission to return home.

In a beautiful photo posted by Sophie on Facebook, we see Percy with a nurse as he got discharged from the hospital.

Sophie wrote in the caption:

“This is my 87 year old Grandpa saying goodbye to staff at North Manchester Hospital where he’s been for 2 weeks with Covid Positive Pneumonia. He’s now finishing his recovery where he belongs, at home with my Grandma!”

The said post eventually went viral online as countless of netizens have been touched by the heartwarming story.

A lot of users also took time to comment on the post, with one saying:

“So glad to hear some positive news! Take care and stay healthy.”

Another shared:

“This is very encouraging. I’m worried about my 81-year-old grandpa. He’s not very good at social distancing.”

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