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People Are Using The ’10 Year Challenge’ To Reveal Earth’s Heartbreaking Changes

“That which took nature hundreds of thousands of years to create, humans have destroyed in less than ten.”


The ’10 Year Challenge’ is a great way for people to look back on how they have changed in the past decade. However, some have found a different use for the trend. A few netizens are choosing to share the drastic changes that our planet has gone through since 2009 and the results are heartbreaking.

Several conservationists are posting images of Earth’s resources from 10 years ago and comparing it to their current state today. Organizations like Greenpeace highlighted how climate change has affected the Arctic Ice Sheet in the past 100 years.

The Greenpeace Instagram account also shared images of the Amazon rainforest, which has gone from lush and green to dead and barren. The caption also revealed who is responsible for such a drastic change.

“That which took nature hundreds of thousands of years to create, humans have destroyed in less than ten. This is the saddest #10YearChallenge you’ll see today.”

Even the oceans are experiencing some major changes. The Instagram account theplanetlovelife revealed how different the Great Barrier Reef looks today compared to how it appeared 10 years ago.

Non-government organizations and conservationists are not the only ones who want the world to fight climate change. Academy Award winner Leonardo DiCaprio also spoke out about what people need to do to save the planet.

“What will the Arctic look like in 10 more years? #ClimateAction becomes more urgent every day. It is my hope that both we, as individuals, and the organizations that represent us treat climate change as the urgent threat that it is,” DiCaprio wrote.

Reports have revealed that 2018 was the hottest year on record as the oceans warmed up 40% more quickly than previously thought. This means that 2019 is the time when people should join together to combat climate change for our children’s future.

Conservationists are hoping that using the ’10 Year Challenge’ will reach more people and make them realize that the time for change is now.


Couple’s Humble Front Yard Wedding Gets Mocked Online So Radio Host Throws Huge Surprise

“Social media is not just social media; it’s real life too, and you’re hurting someone’s feelings in real life.”

A wedding is definitely a ceremony that couples would treasure for a lifetime. However, not all brides and grooms are keen on having an extravagant union.

Just take Janae and LaQuint Rhodes, for example. The couple recently tied the knot, and together, they threw a modest wedding ceremony in their front yard. Instead of being happy for the bride and groom, one woman who passed by their location decided to make fun of their wedding.

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“When A Mother Says She’s Tired, That’s All She Meant,” Explains Mom In Viral Post

Moms can relate with this – and perhaps family members will understand her better by reading this.

Being a mother can be one of the most rewarding experiences in life. However, moms can also find themselves exhausted while dealing with their children and trying to finish other errands. Case in point, a social media post has recently gone viral for revealing just what it means when a mother claims she is tired.

Several moms often say that they are tired after taking care of their children or doing their chores around the house. A working mother is just as exhausted after a long day at the office then coming home to cook for her kids. But is there another reason why a mom will declare her exhaustion? Does it have anything to do with not wanting to deal with motherhood? The viral Facebook post written by Charity Beth breaks it down in the most eye-opening way possible.

Has your mom ever said she is tired? Here's what she truly meant.

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50 Times Tattoo Artists Perfectly Covered Up Scars And Birthmarks

These are beautiful!

There are so many people out there who are struggling with unwanted scars or birthmarks. And if they're quite visible, then it's surely going to attract a lot of questions and unwanted attention that some opted to hide their “flaws” under their clothes.

Luckily, tattoo artists can really help these people by covering these “flaws” or adding elegant details. They have done some incredible transformations that either cover up or compliment people’s scars or birthmarks, making them view their body in a much more positive light. Check out some of the brilliant works below.


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