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Guy Paints Utility Boxes In New Zealand And They Look Really Amazing

Angela Beltran





You’ve passed by utility boxes that house your local internet provider cables. They’re not a pretty sight because some have boring colors and others are rusting, especially because they’re exposed to both the scorching sun and the rain.

A local artist in Auckland, New Zealand named Paul Walsh has been going around and painting utility boxes in the city for a couple of years now. His masterpieces are cool, modern and amazing.

It all started when he painted a wall in a local dog park. It got painted out and the residents were upset. In fact, they petitioned the council, Walsh told Bored Panda.

Now his work got into a local newspaper and he later received an offer from Chorus, a company that owns the utility boxes in the city, to paint these boxes all over the city.

He shared:

“I get paid a small fee for each one – enough to cover time and materials. Also, I use Internet memes as the inspiration for a lot of them.”

Here are some of his superb masterpieces!

1. Aquarium

Source: Paul Walsh
2. It’s so shiny

Source: Paul Walsh
3. Hipster cat

Source: Paul Walsh
4. Geometric Landscape

Source: Paul Walsh
5. Bird with arms

Source: Paul Walsh
6. Student Cat

Source: Paul Walsh
7. Ruapehu Rooster

Source: Paul Walsh
8. Piggy Stardust

Source: Paul Walsh
9. Menswear dog

Source: Paul Walsh
10. Captain Possum

Source: Paul Walsh

Aside from utility boxes, he also paints memorial walls, murals, motor homes, kids bedrooms, play centers, and posters.

Memorial wall for Chris Cornell

Source: Paul Walsh
Memoral wall for Prince

Source: Paul Walsh

Source: Paul Walsh
Motor home

Source: Paul Walsh
Kids room

Source: Paul Walsh

Well what do you think of this guy’s artworks? In case you’re curious to see more of his masterpieces, you can always check out his official website!

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