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These Parents Unbelievably Looked Exactly Like Their Kids At the Same Age

Do you know someone from your family who incredibly looks like you?

Mini Malabanan





At first glance, you’ll probably assume these pairs are identical twins because they look incredibly alike – not only because of similar poses and attire but because of distinct facial features.

The truth is, these pairs didn’t come from the same egg and they’re from different generations. But since they come from one family, they share several genes which most likely explains why they look so much like two peas in a single pod.

Looking at family albums will give you an idea how amazing our genes work. Tracing where you inherited your features is similar to solving a jigsaw puzzle as you probably got the color of your eyes from your mom, shape of your nose from your grandfather, or height from your father.  But for some people, nature used the “copy-paste” function and just replicated almost their entire feature from a family member.

Here are a few snaps of people coming from different generations who could pass as perfect doubles.

Mom and daughter


Photo credit: Erika Hanna
Father and Son


Photo credit: Jen Gevy
Dad and his little girl


Photo credit: Clare Reed Rossetto
Mom and twin-looking daughter


Photo credit: Ammie Thakkar
Three generations of love


Photo credit: Stephanie Lightcap
Daddy and his daughter


Photo credit: Megan Coe
Grandma and granddaughter


Daddy and his daughter


Photo credit: Corin Kane
Great grandfather and his great grandson


Granny and granddaughter


Photo credit: Reddit
Women separated by four generations.


Father and son


Photo credit: Reddit
Dad and son


Photo credit: Reddit
Great grand aunt and grandniece


Father and son


Photo credit: Kate Michalowski
Father and son with their respective babies


Photo credit: Reddit
Grandma and granddaughter


Photo credit: Reddit
Mom and daughter


Photo credit: Reddit
Mother and her little daughter


Photo credit: Rachel Cross
Another mommy and daughter


Photo credit: Reddit

Do you know someone from your family who incredibly looks like you? Hit the comment section below!

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The Way this Woman Moves Around the Pole is so Mesmerizing

Her suave movements make her look like she is floating on air. Is this still even qualified as dancing?

Ann Nuñez



Pole dancing used to be an art form associated with strip clubs due to its sexy and provocative nature. However, pole dancing is slowly being recognized for its true essence - a performance art which requires strength, endurance, and discipline.

In recent years, pole dancing has grown popular as a form of exercise, as it requires upper body and core strength in order to be done consistently and correctly. Learning how to pole dance is no joke, since complete control of the limbs is needed in order to maneuver the body. This is precisely the reason why this video of Karo Swen, a French professional pole dancer and instructor, is simply astounding.  The way she maneuvers her body around the pole makes the performance look deceptively simple and easy. Her suave movements make her seem like she is floating on air.

Watch her amazing performance below:

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Finally, After 20 Years, Her Mother’s Best-Kept Secret Will Be Revealed On Her Wedding Day!

Back then, adoption was taboo. To date, it has been making the trends with the hopes of encouraging more hearts to adopt a then-complete-stranger to now an official family member.

Bernadette Carillo



It took her 20 long years before her deepest and well-kept secret finally came out in the open. Just when her adopted daughter was just moments away from her new adventure, finally, she could give away the most precious and priceless token of love and family any foster daughter could have from her foster mom.

It was at the year 1994 when Brooke’s foster parents took a huge step in fulfilling the very purpose of getting married—having a family of their own. Despite many attempts, they were not lucky enough to bear a child of their own flesh.

Good enough, they remained open to the idea of adopting a child considering it to be their own. It was then the start of a fruitful family. Then, after 20 years, one of their adopted children was finally getting married and these parents made sure that their dear daughter was not leaving home empty-handed.

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Smarter Than Einstein! This Brilliant 12-Year-Old Girl Has An Impressively High IQ Score

With a Mensa IQ test score of 162, Nicole Barr is clearly brighter than the rest.

Mark Andrew



This young girl from Harlow, Essex has recently been getting a lot of online interest lately. Why? Well, this child prodigy has achieved a remarkably high score in the Mensa IQ test – a score that’s higher than that of Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking!

Nicole Barr, 12 years old, took the test with her father a few weeks ago. The result was impressive as she hit a score of 162. Jim Barr, her father, was amazed but was not surprised. From the beginning, he expected his daughter to do well confident with the fact that she has a brilliant mind. With such a huge score, Nicole not only beat her father but many geniuses as well.

Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, and Bill Gates only scored 160. This 12-year-old girl got 162.


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