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After 20 Years, 2 Sets of Twins Were Shocked to Find They Were Switched At Birth!

When one pair of twins decided to move up to the city, they were baffled at the thought that people recognize them. Turns out the other pair of twins live in the same area!

Inah Garcia





Do you remember those classic drama shows in TV with plots that revolve around twins getting separated or babies getting switched at birth? And then toward the end of the series, they will all meet and realize that one has been living his/her life at the wrong place? It is quite amusing how story tellers are able to come up with such radical ideas. It sounds quite impossible, right?

But in this video report we found, we were shocked to find that such incidents do happen in real life! Such is the case of two pairs of identical twins who were born in Colombia some 20 years ago – one twin was switched with another by accident. Upon hospital discharge, Carlos and Jorge went home in a house in the middle of the rural city of Bogotá while William and Wilbert went to live the farming life in a rural village.

Sudden twists of events started to happen when William and Wilbert decided to move to the city for work. William, one of the switched brothers and Jorge’s legit identical twin, started to work at a grocery store in the city. Jorge had a job in a piping company. One day, one of Jorge’s friends saw William behind the counter, approached him and asked what the hell he was doing. It did not take long before everyone was able to figure out the unbelievable reality and we can just imagine the look of shock on their faces!

Watch the video report here:

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What about that? All this time they thought they were fraternal twins! We are still dazzled as to how real this incident is. But the good thing is, they now have a bigger (and we assume happier) family as they are living all together now.

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Credits: CNN via Little Things


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3-Billion-Year-Old Klerksdorp Spheres Found in Ottosdal, South Africa.

Scientists agree that the 3-billion-year-old Klerksdorp spheres found near Ottosdal, South Africa were naturally formed.

Jessa Ventures



Miners and rockhounds working in a mine near Ottosdal, South Africa have collected mysterious metal spheres from pyrophyllite deposits. Known as Klerksdorp spheres, these are small, spherical or disc-shaped, and range from dark reddish brown to dusky red in color. The spheres range from 0.5 to 10 centimeters in size, with three even latitudinal grooves around them. What is strange about the discovery is that although most of the remarkable samples of these spheres appear to be manufactured, they have, in fact, been dated to 3 billion years ago.

Miners working in pyrophyllite mines have been digging up metal spheres known as Klerksdorp spheres in a small town of Ottosdal, South Africa.


Photo credit: Wikipedia

Extremist groups believe that these spheres are artifacts from ancient civilizations; however, geologists explain that Klerksdorp spheres are actually concretions formed from the natural process of the precipitation of volcanic sediments, ash, or both. Even the latitudinal ridges and grooves exhibited by Klerksdorp spheres are also natural. The same characteristics are also observed in the Navajo Sandstone of southern Utah known as 'Moqui marbles', the carbonate concretions found in Schoharie County, New York, and in concretions found in Australia.

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27 Sad Photos That Show How Badly We’ve Destroyed Nature

These images will show you how much hurt we’ve done against nature.

Mark Andrew



“A picture,” as the old adage goes, “paints a thousand words.” Sometimes though, those words are really, really sad.

The pictures compiled below send exactly that message – not everything captured by cameras are beautiful and eye-pleasing. Beyond making you feel bad, these photos evoke feelings of urgency. After all, it shows us just how much we, human beings, have badly damaged our own world. It’s absolutely alarming to behold and yet it’s necessary to somehow awaken our senses. If we don’t move and do something about it, it’s a safe bet that things can only go downhill from here.

Hopefully we all do our part in helping nature heal before it’s too late. Scroll down and check out the following images to see what we mean:

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Family Discovers Gold Coins Worth $1 Million from 300-Year-Old Spanish Shipwreck

After nearly 300 years, treasure hunters recovered more than $1 million in gold from famous and historical shipwreck in Florida.

Jessa Ventures



A family of treasure hunters is living our childhood fantasies about hidden treasures and embarking on a wild adventure. After nearly 300 years, more than $1 million worth of gold artifacts were found off the coast of Florida. Treasure hunter Brent Brisben of Queens Jewels said the the gold was discovered on June 17 about 4.5 meters in the Atlantic Ocean off Fort Pierce.

When Eric Schmitt's metal detector got a hit about 4.5 meters below the ocean's surface, he almost ignored it. Usually, the metal detectors only detects beer cans and lead fishing weights. But this time it was totally different. The family of treasure hunters from Sanford struck gold, and a lot of it.

The state of Florida is entitled to up to 20% of the treasures and the rest is split between Queens Jewels and the the Schmitt family, the treasure hunters who discovered it. According to Brisben, the artifacts date from a 1715 maritime tragedy.

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