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Parents Complain Against Hairdresser Who Charges More If Kids Cry During Haircuts





As a parent of an energetic 4-year-old boy, I can personally attest to the fact that training children to get used to haircuts can take some time. It’s always a struggle at the start. Kids do not automatically get comfortable with the entire experience.

There are definitely days when kids will cry or throw tantrums even if you do your best to calm them down.

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That’s why I really find it disturbing to learn that there is a certain salon out there that threatens customers of a higher charge if their children cry during haircuts.

It sounds ridiculous, right? Yet it’s happening right now somewhere in Australia, according to a parent who reported seeing the sign. Daily Mail Online said the concerned individual posted the photo in a community Facebook group.

The poster says “Any children that cry during a children’s haircut will result in a $10 increase in price.”

The sign has since sparked outrage from parents who quickly expressed their disgust about the stupid scheme. An individual who claimed to be a hairdresser even commented that the idea was “darn right rude.”

As of the moment, the salon’s location remains unknown. For the sake of their business, I sure hope this is just all a bad joke because they’d surely run out of customers soon if they are serious about this.

What do you think about this, parents? Do you agree that the extra charge seems a bit too unfair? Leave a comment below!

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