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600 Years Old And Running: The Medieval Clock Of Prague





In the Old Town Square of Prague, lies one of the most enthralling landmarks of the bustling capital of the Czech Republic: The Orloj, more popularly known as the Astronomical Clock of Prague.

This medieval clock was the most visited Czech monument and is nearing its 608th anniversary. Not seeing the Orloj during your visit to Prague is like missing the Eiffel Tower on your trip to France.

The world’s oldest astronomical clock.

Source: Reddit

According to history, the clock was built around the 15th century by imperial clockmaker Miculas of Kadan. He created it in 1410 with the assistance of astronomer and University professor Jan Sindel. Not only is it considered as a riveting artistic monument, but it also hailed as a scientific and technological masterpiece.

It does more than just telling time.

Although the mesmerizing astronomical clock shows three types of time; the Central European time, the Babylonian time and the Sidereal time, it has more to it than meets the eye.

Two hands represent the movement of the Sun and the Moon.

Actually, it shows the movement of other heavenly bodies as well, the days of the calendar with their zodiac signs, and the feast day of 365 saints.

The spellbinding procession of statues.

Everyday from morning until night time, people with their cameras flock to the old town hall to witness the captivating display and the fascinating mechanical performance of the old clock.

At the top of the hour, animated statues are set in motion to everyone’s delight.

The video below shows us the magnificent display of medieval engineering and capture one of Europe’s most remarkable landmarks.

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