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This Adorable Orangutan Kisses A Pregnant Woman’s Baby Bump Through Glass.





A male orangutan named Rajang just made everyone smile when he turned a usual day into a priceless one for a couple and their little bundle of joy. This is probably the cutest thing you will see today so get ready for some good vibes and love.

Jay Clarke and his partner Masie Knight, who was 37 weeks pregnant, visited the zoo in Colchester, England on July 13. It resulted in a rather adorable moment for the couple when Rajang gave the pregnant woman kisses on her tummy through the glass.

The video uploaded by Clarke shows the couple standing in front of a glass which encloses Rajang, the adult male orangutan. It seems that the primate wasn’t pleased when Clarke began filming himself and attempted to get closer to Rajang. However, when Knight started pressing her tummy through the glass, they got a positive response. To their surprise, the orangutan moved forward and began planting kisses on her baby bump as if acknowledging the life inside her.

‘Truly a special animal that has touched our hearts,’ Clarke said.

That was absolutely a warm and unique welcome for a baby. It only goes to show that innate goodness extends in every being and our primate friends are no exception.

Watch the adorable video:

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Credits: Jay Clarke

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