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Orangutan Has The Most Adorable Reaction to Guy’s “Magic Trick”





Orangutan and other primates share a lot in common with us humans, such as an astonishing 98% of our DNA. But who knew they also love seeing magic tricks?

In this video, a zoo visitor entertained this orangutan with a “magic trick” by making a chestnut disappear inside a styrofoam cup. First, he showed the orangutan the chestnut inside the cup and pulled it up for him to see.

And now folks, one perfectly normal chestnut inside a perfectly normal styrofoam cup.


Photo credit: Screengrab from Youtube

He put on a lid, gave the cup a shake. And with a slight of hand barely noticed by his very eager audience, he hid the chestnut. And POOF! The magical chestnut is gone.

Shake shake shake and one disappeared chestnut coming right up!


Photo credit:
Watch how the adorable Orangutan reacted when the chestnut disappeared and reappeared in this video below!

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His reaction is even strikingly similar to how some of us humans react with a perfectly hilarious joke or trick by falling over backwards! Now I can’t wait to try this trick at our local zoo!

If you were moved as much as we were, seeing just how similar an orangutan is to a human, you can help save our cousins from extinction in the wild by supporting conservation work. The Orangutan Foundation International (OFI) is a leading conservation organization in the Borneo, and your donations could help. Please consider donating here:

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