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She Was Finally Getting Married and How Her Mother Found Out is Just Hilarious!





Getting engaged is one of the milestones of a woman’s life. As much as a woman wants to own the moment for herself, such momentous occasion deserves a resounding “awe” from immediate family and friends and this mother is no exception.

Whatever it is, no one could ever explain the distinctive navel connection of a mother from her child. However, as Leah, the new bride-to-be, struggles to surprise her mother with the good news, this connection seemed a bit fuzzy.

Initiating the conversation with showing off the colorless nails, Leah’s mom still did not catch the agenda but applauded her daughter’s over-all style instead. When the guy who was recording the footage finally suggest to check her nails, that is only when dear mother here completely lost it and got back to her senses that her daughter is finally getting married. Just plain hilariously contagious!

Watch the video:

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Kudos to the recording, sure thing, every bride-to-be will be recording their own mother’s reactions too and hopefully might set a record as well.

H/T: Bridal Guide

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