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Nurses Protect Newborn Babies in 6.1-Magnitude Earthquake





The main job of nursery nurses is to provide care for newly born babies. They have been well-trained in caring for the little ones but one incident in particular has proven that some of these nurses would even willingly risk their lives to protect the babies.

A touching footage from a surveillance camera shows selfless nurses at a home-based confinement center in Taiwan. On April 18, the country was hit by a 6.1 magnitude earthquake, but instead of running out to save themselves, a group of nurses decided to stay to protect the newborn babies in the facility.

It was reported that about 17 people were injured during the largest quake that has hit Taiwan this year. Although people in the country were shocked by the sudden earthquake, many are still thankful that most people remained safe.

Following the tragedy, a CCTV footage taken in a birthing home went viral after a group of nurses pus their lives at risk to protect the little ones.

In the video, the center can be seen shaking badly as several newborn babies’ cribs were rolling around. One of the three caretakers there was then seen grabbing on to the two cots nearest to her as she crouches down to calm the babies.

Meanwhile, the other two nurses who were crouching down behind and cuddling a newborn baby each, quickly came out to comfort the other infants who were undoubtedly disturbed by the violent shaking.

Thankfully, none of the nurses and the newborns were injured because of the earthquake.

Netizens then labeled the women as “angels.”

Some of the comments read:

“All praise and respect to the selfless angels who protected the newborns as if they were their own.”

“As a mother, thank you to all the nurses, this is too touching!”

Watch the video here:

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