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Kim Jong Un Bans Alcohol and Singing In North Korea

To tighten control over the population, North Korean dictator outlawed drinking and singing in the country.


We’ve all known how North Korea is pretty different compared with other countries across the world and now they’ve taken that to another level. According to recent reports, Kim Jong Un has officially outlawed drinking and singing in order to tighten grip on the population.

Apparently, the South Korean National Intelligence Service has reported, “(Pyongyang) … has banned any gatherings related to drinking, singing and other entertainment and is strengthening control of outside information.”

Fun is officially banned in North Korea!

It should, of course, be noted that citizens in the country are already living under heavily-controlled conditions.

As a DailyMail article tells us:

“Travel abroad is curtailed, conversations monitored and harsh punishments are regularly imposed for being in possession of media from outside of the state.”

Previously, a tourist has shared the big differences of living in North Korea and South Korea through videos and pictures.

The ban comes following the cancellation of the Pyongyang Beer Festival several months ago.

Source: Greatist

Moreover, the intelligence agency of South Korea likewise mentioned that even some of regime officials in North Korea were punished after “an inspection of the military’s General Political Bureau – which ensures soldier’s adhere to the party line.”

According to their reports, bureau chief Hwang Pyong So and deputy Kim Won Hong were among those who were punished.

Although details remain scarce about what type of punishment was given, this news could be an indication that there is a power struggle among the North Korean dictator’s allies.

Meanwhile, intelligence officers are keeping a close watch of North Korea’s space program development.

Why, you ask? Well, they believe it is possibly being used to disguised new missile launches.

The officials said:

“The agency is closely following the developments because there is a possibility that North Korea could fire an array of ballistic missiles this year under the name of a satellite launch and peaceful development of space.”

Things are getting crazier and crazier in North Korea, that’s for sure.


Two Accidentally Shot In Church While Talking About Texas Shooting

Well, this is ironic.

The recent shooting in Texas church has been the headlines in many papers and has been the talk of the town for the past weeks. In an ironic situation, a man accidentally shot himself and his wife in an East Tennessee church on Thursday while he was showing off his gun during a discussion about the recent shooting, according to the police.

Elder members of the First United Methodist Church were cleaning up around 1 pm after a luncheon to celebrate Thanksgiving. The group talked about guns in churches that led to the harrowing incident.

Two elderly people accidentally shot themselves while talking about the recent Texas church shooting.

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The Controversial Keystone Pipeline Just Leaked 800,000 Liters Of Oil

The Keystone Pipeline 1 is currently on a shutdown after it leaked almost 800,000 liters of oil in a field on South Dakota.

People who oppose the controversial Keystone Pipeline smell closure as it leaked about 5,000 barrels or an approximate of 795,000 liters of oil last Thursday. It goes way beyond the specified 50 barrels to classify a spill as significant.

The grassy field in a remote area near Amherst, South Dakota was totally blackened by almost 800,000 liters of oil that gushed out of the Keystone Pipeline. The site was already shut down by cleaning crews and emergency workers deployed to contain the leak, but the southern stretch continues to operate.

This is an aerial view of the wide leak of oil from the Keystone Pipeline 1 last Thursday.

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Brave Airport Worker Grabs Smoking Backpack As It Exploded In Busy Airport

Bomb in an airport is the worst scenario!

A backpack emitting smoke caused panic and flight delays at Orlando International Airport. The incident caused pandemonium and delayed flights.

A Transportation Security Administration agent was hailed a hero that day when he acted immediately on the incident. He saw that the passengers are panicking at the checkpoint area. He examined the situation and saw that a backpack left on the ground started smoking.

An unattended backpack started smoking and the passengers panicked

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