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Ninja Cat Pretends To Be Asleep To Steal Owner’s Dinner





There is little doubt that felines can be exceedingly sneaky. However, one ninja cat took it up to another level. The kitten thought of a new way to steal his owner’s food. Needless to say, his method is adorably cunning.

Rajah is a gorgeous Bengal cat who belongs to Sara Cantu. The kitten usually hangs out at his owner’s office desk and usually gets to eat her leftover dinner. However, Rajah got impatient with waiting for scraps. The devious little kitty decided to employ some ninja moves on Cantu’s chicken by pretending he is asleep.

This cat is feigning sleepiness to steal his owner’s dinner.

The cat tried to show his owner that he was sleeping. He closes his eyes although his face is pretty close to the plate. The kitten then moves in but is stopped by Cantu. Undeterred, Rajah makes a show of falling asleep. However, his paws are sneakily reaching out for the chicken.

Cantu repeatedly tries to push Rajah away but the cat isn’t giving up on a free meal just yet. He manages to get in close for a quick nibble but is immediately pushed back from the plate.

Rajah takes a different direction, feigning disinterest by cleaning himself then pretending to be asleep again. His next attempt is still unsuccessful as his owner repeatedly says, “No.”

You’re almost there, buddy.

It’s all cute yet several cat owners were unhappy with the video. Some pointed out that it is not safe to allow cats to eat chicken since the bones could get damage the feline’s digestive tract.

Luckily, Cantu clarified that Rajah is never fed chicken bones.

“My cat has never chewed, and picks meat off the bones – but I mainly peel off the scraps and hand-feed him anyway because he loves to do tricks to earn it.”

Rajah’s attempt at being a ninja cat may have failed. However, it is great to know that the clever feline is loved and gets the right food.

Watch the awesome full video below:

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