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New Zealand Songbird Attacks Other Males That Outdo It In Singing

Nobody likes a showoff.


New Zealand’s male tui bird loves to sing, but it does not like being upstaged. A team of researchers recently found that this bird does not deal well with other males that outshine it in the singing department. They tend to act aggressively and attack other males who threaten their talents.

The male birds sing for two reasons. Tuis (also called Prosthemadera novaeseelandiae) live in lush forests get pretty busy defending their territory, and they use their singing to let other birds know who’s boss.

But tuis also use their impressive vocals to attract mate.

They can produce amazingly complex sounds, like whoops, clicks, and hoots. It is assumed that, as with other songbirds, the females find male tuis that can perform the most impressive and complicated songs as the most attractive. This is because the ability to produce complex sounds is taken as a sign of good health and fitness.

A team of researchers from New Zealand wanted to see how breeding male tuis would react to other singing males near their territory.

The team tested territorial males by playing recordings of both simple and complex songs. They found a huge difference in the responses of the male tuis, as stated in their results published in the Ibis International Journal of Avian Science.

Results of the experiment showed that more complex singing caused the territorial male tuis to become highly aggressive.

The more complex vocals, with more syllables and longer play time, caused the territorial males to act aggressively. They approached the speakers quickly within 30 centimeters, and they also started to perform more skillful singing in their attempts to beat their competition.

Researchers believe this finding may be the first to prove a direct link between male birds acting aggressively toward other males who perform better than them.


Giant ‘Fearsome’ Spider Gets Rescued And Given A Second Chance In Life

For this rescue organization, every animal – big or small- is worth saving.

Spiders are typically feared by most people. There’s even a name for the fear of spiders, which is arachnophobia. Although some may not be venomous, they can still appear intimidating. For Australia’s Barnyard Betty Rescue, animals, big or small, that are in need of rescue deserves to live a good life - and that’s what they gave to a giant spider.

We’ve read about stories of cats, dogs and even farm animals getting rescued and given another chance at life. But this rescue story we’re about to share is definitely one of a kind since it involves saving a creature that is usually the stuff of nightmares.

Barnyard Betty Rescue in Australia managed to rescue a Huntsman spider from being killed.

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Dogs Can Tell If You’re Untrustworthy, According to Research

Our canine friends are smarter than you think.

Dogs may be sweet, but they're no fools. Many studies have shown that canines can sense and recognize human emotions. Perhaps that's why they are quick to come to the rescue of their sad humans. But what if their owners are deceitful and unreliable?

A new research proves that dogs can tell if their human is being untrustworthy. And once a dog decides that a person is unreliable, they stop following the person's cues. We say fair enough.

A study published in the journal Animal Cognition suggests dogs are quick to figure out if a person's gestures are misleading.

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UPS Drivers Achieve Viral Fame Because of Their Heartwarming Facebook Group About Dogs

This is truly heartwarming!

Dogs are nicknamed “man’s bestfriend” for very valid reasons. They’re loyal, loving, and extremely adorable. They’re awesome that way!

Recently, we’ve learned about a group of men who love dogs as much as the rest of us – it’s our friendly UPS drivers! A report even tells us that apparently, these guys even have a dedicated Facebook group focused on featuring the dogs they meet whenever they deliver packages to the customers.

Needless to say, each photo has a heartwarming story and we couldn’t help but feel good about it.

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