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15 Hilarious Photo Edits From Photoshop Troll James Fridman

This guy never fails to make us laugh!

Mark Andrew





James Fridman is a name that needs no introduction in social media. The man is basically a legend online!

Fridman gained massive popularity over at Twitter for his hilarious way of responding to Photoshop requests. He doesn’t charge people but the catch is he’d do it in any way he wants to, usually taking instructions very literally which results to funny outputs.

Aside from his unique brand of humor, Fridman is also known for being very prolific. Just go follow him online (in case you’re still not doing that) and you’d be surprised with how often he posts stuff, much to the delight of his numerous fans.

So without further ado, allow us to share with you some newer gems from Fridman’s arsenal. Be prepared to laugh like crazy!

#1. Well you asked for it, buddy.

#2. Sunlight problem? Fixed it for you!

#3. Got it.

#4. So that’s why you guys broke up, huh?

#5. A summer body without all the gym work? Not a problem!

#6. What a total badass!

#7. As you wish.

#8. Is that enough coffee for you?

#9. Well that’s just plain freaky!

#10. Happy now?

#11. A quick face fix.

#12. Erase the trash can? Got it!

#13. Rich – just like you want it.

#14. Epic indeed.

#15. Depending on the circumstances, James Fridman is also unafraid to dish out advices. Like in this one:

Well that’s a job well done, you Photoshop troll who has a heart!

In case you are curious, you can send your Photoshop requests to James Fridman via [email protected] But remember, it’s always a proceed-at-your-own-risk thing when it comes to this dude.


30 People Share Photos of Mildly-Infuriating Things

These annoying photos will leave you feeling #triggered!

Mark Andrew



Whether you are a perfectionist or not, our minds are programmed to consider broken lines and patterns as something annoying. These flaws, albeit minor, can grab your attention and be eventually frustrating and infuriating.

To get an idea of what we’re talking about, you gotta scroll down below and check out this photo compilation. As you will see, the pictures depict certain imperfections that will likely trigger your OC tendencies – from a messy fork to the wrong plane seat.

#1. “We booked a window seat on an airplane for my boy’s first flight.”

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30 Epic Quotes and Advices from Funny Fathers

Share your dad’s funniest quote or advice below!

Mark Andrew



Most fathers have a knack for terrible daddy jokes and we absolutely love them for it. Let’s face it – life would be bland without their horrible attempts at wisecracks and puns. Every once in a while, some dads also come up with brilliant (and not-so-brilliant) quotes and advices that become really, really memorable for their children.

Case in point, popular talk show host Jimmy Fallon invited Twitter netizens to "tweet out something weird, funny, or embarrassing your dad has said" using the hashtags #DadQuotes and #Dadvice.

The results have been, well, epic to say the least.

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Artist Guy Has Been Drawing Daily Comics For His Girlfriend For 6 Years Now

The result is both hilarious and heartwarming!

Mark Andrew



Autobiographical comics, when done right, can be really hilarious and heartwarming at the same time. Case in point, this series of diary comics from a guy from Instagram is both funny and touching.

Pete Duffield, artist of online comic ‘Kellie and Pete’, has been recently featured in BoredPanda and according to him, he began “making illustrations” for his girlfriend Kellie 6 years ago “to capture the funny things we say and do.”

Pete further shared:

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