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Ripsaw: A Robotank that Can Lead the US Army Safely into War!





The idea of using an unmanned aircraft for battle first emerged during the 1800’s. Drones, also called unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), remotely piloted vehicle (RPV), remotely piloted aircraft (RPA), and remotely operated aircraft (ROA) are typically used by the military. In fact, the first pilotless planes were developed after WWI.

At present, drones are being used for search and rescue missions, policing, and firefighting. This machine allows humans to explore dangerous terrains without putting their own lives at risk.

In 2009, Howe and Howe Technologies developed the first remote controlled vehicle–the Ripsaw.


Photo credit: US Army

It was awarded as the “Best Invention of the Year” by Popular Science Magazine.

The Ripsaw has been modified and converted for military use. Recognized as one of the most advanced technology the US military has, this “robotank” can be driven by remote control from up to one kilometer.

Its armaments can be changed and reloaded via a controller.


Photo credit: US Army

An M113 Armored Personnel Carrier manned by a soldier follows its trail while another soldier controls the drone tank.

The drone tank is still currently under development, but one thing is for sure: this equipment is ready to lead the US soldiers safely into battle.

Watch the video:

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