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Nestle Admits Milo Isn’t Healthy By Dropping Its Health Star Rating

Milo has been tricking us all along, according to health advocates.

Mark Andrew





We all grew up drinking Milo and if you’re a parent now, you’re probably passing the tradition to your children. The powdered chocolate drink has been a breakfast staple for countless families across the world. Besides, it’s a healthy drink, right?

Well not exactly, according to Nestle in Australia. According to recent reports, the company has opted to drop Milo’s high health rating following criticism from health experts.

Health advocates claim the brand has been “tricking” consumers into believing Milo is actually nutritious.

To their defense, Nestle said that Milo’s 4.5 Health Star Rating was based on the approved guidelines which meant consumers use three teaspoons of Milo with a glass of skim milk.

Meanwhile, health experts and the Choice consumer group say that on its own, Milo only deserves a 1.5 star rating.

Katinka Day, Choice head of campaigns and policy, commented:

“To claim a health star rating by adding nutritionally superior ingredients of another product is not helpful, especially for people who eat their Milo with full cream milk, or even straight out of the can or on ice-cream.

“It’s a move that smacks of marketing trickery rather than a genuine attempt to help consumers make an informed choice.”

Nestle will be removing Milo’s 4.5 Health Star Rating.

Day further added:

“When people see a chocolate-based powdered product that is high in sugar carrying a 4.5-star rating, they rightfully question health star ratings.”

Margaret Stuart, spokesperson of Nestle, said that the rating removal will only apply for the powdered drink but other Milo-related products will retain it.

She has also mentioned that the company stays committed to the health star rating system and that the removal would be “pending the outcome of the government review of the system and will help to avoid confusion among consumers and reduce the risk of damage to a system the company supports.”

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Why Everyone Is Talking About Vero, The Newest Social Media App in Town

Is the “new Instagram” worth checking out?

Mark Andrew



Ever heard about Vero? If you’re a frequent social media user, you probably have. Your friends may have discussed about the latest app in town – which is being described by some as the “new Instagram”.

So what sets Vero apart from its established competitors? We gave the app a closer look so you can decide whether it’s worth checking out or not.

Vero’s beginnings

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Transgender Boy Wins Texas Girls’ State Wrestling Championship For The Second Time

He’d always wanted to fight against boys.




Transgender wrestler Mack Beggs has once again won the girls' state wrestling championship in Texas despite controversy over his participation in a match against girls. The 18-year-old student of Euless Trinity High School beat Chelsea Sanchez on Saturday in the 110-pound division match.

Beggs, born female, is currently transitioning to male and has been taking testosterone in low doses. Beggs wanted to fight against boys, but according to Texas high school rules, athletes should be pitted against contestants who are of the same gender as stated on their birth certificate.

Beggs' victory was both cheered on and booed based on a video posted online.

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A Nap Café and Wellness Club Just Opened in New York

It’s the dream place for those who love to snooze.




A new kind of club just opened in New York. Cleverly called Nap York, the new establishment is basically a wellness club where busy and overworked New Yorkers can go for a well-deserved snooze. In today's busy-obsessed world, Nap York serves as a much-needed escape.

The four-storey property houses a health-conscious café and lounge, a nap area, a yoga and meditation studio, and a co-working space. The interiors, with its many leafy plants, relaxing soft lighting, and sleek furniture in neutral tones, were designed to provide a serene ambiance perfect for resting and clearing the mind.

The establishment is like a one-stop shop for all your wellness needs.

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