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Neighbor Captures Man Struggling To Catch His Pet Rabbit





For those who said that pets are like kids, they were not joking. Animals are cute and all, but taking care of them is not always easy.

They may fool us with their irresistible cuteness, but they sometimes give us a lot of headaches. However, this guy chasing his cute little bunny proved that a pet’s unruly behavior most of the time ends up being hilarious.

The poor guy! All he wanted was to catch his rabbit. Unfortunately for him, the fluffy pet decided to make things a little harder for his human rather than giving in to his demands.

He tried so hard not to startle the rabbit, but it didn’t take long for the bunny to recoil and take off at speed. Despite trying his best to be gentle towards the animal, it still wanted to escape from him.

The cheeky bunny has literally left this guy running in circles as he tries to keep up with and catch it from the pen. The naughty rabbit was determined to give his owner a hard time, but he’s just too cute to be mad at!

A neighbor managed to capture the hilarious moment on video. The woman holding the camera couldn’t contain herself and laughed out loud while watching her neighbor struggling to catch his pet rabbit.

The rabbit circled around him as the man tried to catch up to him. But it wasn’t working.

The man appeared to have caught the little bunny a couple of times, but it always managed to free itself from his grasps. He caught the bunny yet again, but just as he thought that his struggle is over, the rabbit got away again.

If you’re starting to feel bad for the guy, don’t worry, he did catch the speedy bunny in the end!

Watch the video here:

[youtube id=”ImSKuM3p_ig”]

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