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NASA’s Kepler Mission Spotted Over 200 New Planets, 10 Of Which Are In The Habitable Zone

One of the ten planets has almost the same size as Earth.

NASA has announced that their Kepler mission has discovered over 200 exoplanets. Ten of the planets, which have the same size as Earth, are found within the habitable zone, which means it could support life.

The space agency’s Ames Research Center revealed in a recent press briefing that there is now a total of 4,034 potential planets in the galaxy. Scientists said that Kepler missions have, so far, verified more than 2,300 of them as exoplanets — planets that exist outside of our own solar system. The Kepler spacecraft revealed exactly 219 new planet candidates.

The habitable zone or the “Goldilocks Zone” represents an area in which a planet possesses characteristics that can support life. Planets in this range have the right temperature and offer liquid water at the surface.

With this latest discovery, the number of Earth-size planets within the habitable zones has risen to about 50, with more than 30 of them confirmed. Out of the 10 newly spotted Earth-sized planets, one happens to be the closest to Earth when it comes to size and distance when it comes to the host star. It’s known as KOI 77-11 (Kepler Object of Interest) and researchers need to know more about this certain object.

NASA's Kepler Space Telescope has discovered 219 more new planet candidates.

Source: NASA/JPL
There are now over 4,000 potential planets in the galaxy.

Source: NASA

The findings could guide researchers in their search for life outside of our own planet, scientists said.

Mario Perez, Kepler program scientist, said during the press conference:

“This new result presented today has implications for understanding the frequency of different types of planets and galaxies, and helping us to advance our knowledge on how planets are formed.”

The findings could guide researchers in their search for life outside of our own planet, scientists said.

Source: NASA

It’s an interesting and fascinating discovery but according to Dr. Natalie Batalha, a scientist for the Kepler program, the mission was not done to locate the next hot destination. Instead, the group is “doing statistics” to “find out on average how far away such places are.”


Mother Saves Family from Grenfell Tower Fire by Flooding the Bathroom

“I let the bathroom flood. It kept the flat damp. It may have saved our lives.”

This is the scary moment when a mother with her daughter and boyfriend gets trapped on the 11th floor of the burning building. Fortunately, they were able to buy time by flooding the bathroom. They were eventually rescued to safety because of that.

The incident happened during the Grenfell Tower fire in London. Natasha Elcock, 39 years old, was trapped on the building's 11th floor when the fire began to rage. She was with her 6-year-old daughter and boyfriend at the time.

"Following fire advice on notices in their flat to stay put," a Metro report tells us, "the family remained inside." Unfortunately, smoke began to engulf their home and so Natasha decided "to flood the bathroom so their flat would remain damp", hoping that it would help buy them time....

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Americans Spotted Flying Drones Over Marawi City, US Continues Aiding Philippines

The U.S. military has been providing “technical support” to the Philippine troops during the Marawi siege.

It’s been almost three weeks since the Maute group of terrorists besieged the Philippine city of Marawi. American troops have already sent help to end the clash in the area by sending spy planes to provide surveillance for the Philippine Army.

On Monday, four Americans were spotted standing beside a pickup truck in Marawi while flying a drone over the city, as seen in the video footage obtained by ABS-CBN. This is not the first time that the U.S. got involved in the clash between the government troops and the pro-ISIS militants.

On Friday, a journalist and photographer from Associated Press spotted the surveillance aircraft, the U.S. Navy P3 Orion, flying over the besieged city, Sunstar reported....

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Young Filipino Soldier Makes Ultimate Sacrifice in Fight Against ISIS-Backed Terrorists

Surrounded by the enemy, heroic Filipino soldier Private First Class Dhan Ryan Bayot, urged his commanding officer, “Just bomb my location, Sir!”

The Philippine government is dealing with a crisis in Marawi City. Some local ISIS-backed terrorists have taken over the city, which is situated in the province of Lanao del Sur in Mindanao. This is where the tale of a heroic young Filipino soldier happened.

Marawi City has become a war zone as ISIS-backed terrorists have taken over some parts of Marawi. They have burned down some structures, including a church. Amid the evacuation of residents and continued hostilities, the challenges faced by the Philippine military have become very obvious.

The Sibugay Express Facebook page shared the heartbreaking story of a heroic 24-year-old soldier, Private First Class Dhan Ryan Bayot....

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