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NASA Is Opening The ISS To Tourists For Staggering $35K-A-Night Visits




  • The agency has announced that the ISS will now be open for commercial business.
  • NASA will only allow up to two people per year to stay for up to a month on the station as long as they pay the $35,000 nightly fee.
  • Interested visitors must also find their own aircraft to get to the ISS.

Are you planning a trip that is completely out of this world? You might want to live like a NASA astronaut and head for the International Space Station – which is now being made accessible to tourists.

NASA has just announced that it is opening the ISS “for commercial business” in an effort to “accelerate a thriving commercial economy in low-Earth orbit” for private companies. This coincides with the organization’s plans of “landing the first woman and next man on the Moon by 2024.” However, opening the ISS to tourists comes with a hefty price tag for interested visitors, and it’s not just the huge nightly rates you have to worry about.

This could be you – for the right price.

For now, NASA will reportedly allow two private astronauts per year to stay up to 30 days at the ISS. However, they will need to get to the station on their own through a commercial US aircraft. This doesn’t include the $35,000 per night fee, which will cover the use of life support, communications, and other expenses.

So why is NASA turning the ISS into a possible tourist destination? There are speculations that the agency is doing so to solve its funding problems. Although the Trump administration has asked NASA to bring humans back to the moon in the next decade, the government has not yet granted enough money for the cause. By allowing private companies access to the ISS, NASA could finally justify its expenditures and secure the budget for the mission.

Just one of the breathtaking views you can enjoy from the ISS.

It might still be a long time before regular people will finally get a chance to see the world from the ISS. Nevertheless, NASA is taking humanity one step closer to the experience.

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